Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Plus Size Fashion: When swimsuits go right! Torrid Retro 1950's Cherries suit

There are quite a lot of these swimsuits on sale at the moment via sellers on ebay (swimdress_boutique and *princess_angel*), so I thought I'd give one a review as there are plenty left! Approx £34 including postage. Torrid is an American brand and I'm not aware of any stores in the UK that sell these other than these two, but there may be. I didn't really look that hard.

I did toy with the idea of the Collectif two piece - but I don't really trust two pieces - more scope for bad fit/waistline rolling/top rolling up.

A long time ago I got a retro swimsuit sewing pattern (the Bombshell). One day I may have time to actually sew that. Until then though, this is a pretty good option!

I've got a couple of cossies but they don't really feel comfy. (From Tesco, and Sainsburys - I'm a supermarket shopper) Either the legs are too high, or my boobs hang out, or the straps are uncomfy.

So here goes - me in a swimsuit! (yeah I have no cleavage and saggy mum boobs. I no longer care about these things. I have two healthy tits ok!)

I bought the 16-18 and this is the right size for me (42-38-48) as they are generously cut.
I really wanted the cherry suit, although it does come in red and brown as well. Cherry is just more retro.

On this suit, the straps can be modified to be halterneck, traditional or crossover back. They are really wide and soft. Bliss. Straps that cut in are baaaad.

The body is long - too long for me, but because of the ruching it can be pulled up. so it doesn't bother me that much. It may do when its weighed down with water - we shall see! What it doesn't do is cut high into my backside. It covers the entire thing. This is good!

Its lined with 'powermesh' - apparently to 'pull me in' and 'streamline my figure' and 'give me an hourglass shape'.
I'm sorry but its going to take much more rigging than this to give me an hourglass shape, and its not supportive, but the ruching does disguise my wobbly belly.

The dreaded back view. I haven't really sorted the straps out yet - I just put it on straight out the packet - but obviously this is the crossover style. Tied with a bow centre back.

It says this is suitable for up to a DD cup and that's probably right - I wouldn't go bigger because there's no actual support in the bust area. I don't mind this but if you have very large cups then I don't think this is the suit for you (unless your boobs defy gravity)

This is probably the most comfortable suit I've ever had. I'm soooo pleased because its always a gamble with ebay. I'm not an 'active' person so the best I'll ever  be doing is going down a gentle slide. Hopefully it will manage that without incident.

And there endeth the views of ma bod :)

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