Convertible Reversible bag step by step photos

 This is just a way of documenting how I made the bag as I went. It won't necessarily be in the same order as you do it - I jumped from bag 1 to bag 2 but the pattern instructions may have changed slightly since I tested it.

Cutting Out: Try and follow the given plan, but if you haven't got enough fabric, just improvise. I had this piece of black matyroshka fabric left after I'd already used it for a glasses case - I was determined I would fit all the pattern pieces on to it. I've laid out the Bag 1 pieces on top so you can see how tight it was. Did it though!

All the pieces cut out (except interfacing) Make use of those bag labels. I could not have coped without them. I didn't have sticky labels so I just pinned them. 

I chose two cottons. If you can just use one colour for both bags it will save you so much annoyance.

The straps. You need to sew the short edges together first. I did Bag 1:

Then Bag 2:. 

This is just a quick shot of strap construction. Interfacing on. Short edges folded in. Then long edges of fabric folded in towards the centre. Then whole thing folded in half and stitched.

Bag 1 Strap before and after stabilising the clasp.

This is the tab being sewn (this is cut into pieces after sewing to make the separate tabs)

Piping is shown here

Chop off the end

Then place diagonally the other strip and dew diagonally across.

One piping strip sewn

Insert piping cord and sew as close as you can (I used zip foot)

Base of bag 1 - the fabric is directional so is placed like so:

and the reverse with markings...

Making the folds.  Don't iron the folds right across like I did. Couldn't get the fold marks out afterwards.

Sewed up and placing the tab

Placing the mag snap on Bag 2

Placing the bag base in Bag 2. I hand stitched this down in a couple of places to secure.

Placement of zip. Remember to pull the zip into the bag area BEFORE trimming off the excess. Yes I went and cut off my zipper pull and had to unpick everything!

Attaching the  zipper flange to Bag 1

Attatching the flange to the lower body of  the bag.

Ooh - something resembling a bag!

Bag 2 flap - attatching the piping.


Mag snap

Sewing flaps for Bag 2 together

Sewing flap of Bag 2 to lower bag body.

Sewing central panel onto Bag 2

Ooh look another bag!

Sewing centre panel onto Bag 1

Bag 1 inside Bag 2

Zip onto gusset for Bag 1

Gusset onto Bag 1 Top body.

Gusset for Bag 2

Central panel on Bag 2

Trying to bring it all together.

And its done:


  1. To me the bag is simple amazing... but it does look complicated. I have already ordered and downloaded the pattern but I have not read it yet... Seeing all the pieces scare me.

  2. It is a complicated if you compare it to a normal bag - but just take it slowly. For most bags you might read all of the instructions first - its probably best not to with this one. Just cut out all your pieces and label them, then follow everything carefully and it will come together believe me. I have never done anything like this bag before but I got there and its wonderful when you complete it!