Thursday, 26 May 2016

Plus Size Fashion: Scarlett and Jo - the photos are back

We still don't know who's won the competition, but S&J made the photographs available to all the ladies that were there on the day of the shoot. They've put the videos up too, so here I am in all my porky glory :)

And photos:

Thanks to Scarlett and Jo. I'm really pleased with my photographs. I very much want this dress (above) and I'm waiting for it to be released! Its so comfy and a great dress for work or just every day. 

Bagmaking: Swoon Lola

So this is Lola. One of the latest patterns from Swoon

I really wanted to have a go at this ages ago, but I've got soooo many things on my list as well as commissions, it just didn't happen.

This fabric is from the Cotton and Steel Lucky Strike set from the Fabric Guild. It looks so adorable and fresh with the white faux leather (

As usual, the pattern was easy to follow. Swoon patterns have simple printables (no taping together 10 sheets or whatever) clear instructions and they walk you through from start to finish. If you have any issues, you just need to ask - Alicias always available via email or facebook to help, as are the hoards of other Swooners on the facebook pages.

As you can see I've also started putting my own zip pulls on now which are just little feathers.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Dressmaking: the dress that isn't yet (Butterick 5748) , and the skirt that is (self drafted)

So, since I discovered the Fabric Guild, I've been going a little loopy buying larger amounts of fabric. This one is Cotton & Steel Mochi Gamaguchi Navy

I really wanted to make a dress for the vintage sewalong, however the more I worked at this (its 
Butterick 5748) the worse it got. Eventually I just shoved it in a cupboard to be looked at some.other.time...

Slightly more successful was what I did with the rest of the fabric. Determined to wear a handbag themed outfit for the school stall, I made this on a wing and a prayer. I used pleats instead of gathering and it came out ok. Phew!

Bagmaking: Poppy Pouch

First attempt at the poppy pouch

Here we have small and medium

I would say these are great for an advanced beginner - harder than just a zipped pouch but if you follow the instructions, all will come good.

They require a bit of thought but nothing too exhausting, and the finished result is adorable.

I think they will be a winner for craft fairs, as an alternative to a plain rectangular boxed pouch

Eighties Night: Getting dressed up with the gals (and James!)

If you weren't there, you probably aren't interested in these! 

Me, Nic (redhead) and Anna (blonde) have known each other since we took our eldest children (all born in 2007) to baby swimming lessons.

These gals live in Norfolk now, whereas I've stayed put in Cambridgeshire, but we try and get together occasionally for some fun and games :)

This gathering was held at a mutual friends flat (James - the only bloke) and Alexa joined us there and provided some fantastic food along with James

So - in no particular order...

Plus Sized Fashion: Run and Fly Flamingoes

Sometimes, you just have to let it go.

I saw someone wearing this dress on instagram, and immediately HAD to have it. Found it on ebay in my size (18 - the largest they do) and it came pretty quickly

At first glance I LOVED it. But then I put it on. Too tight. I haven't got time for too tight. If it doesn't fit immediately, it has to go back.

Also , sleeves are a bit too long for my liking, neckline a bit too high, and skirt doesn't have enough fabric in it. 

So its gone. And I'm sad because the print is so lovely, however I'm rather proud that I didn't just bung it in the wardrobe 'to fit into'. No more of that :)

Crafty Kids: the boy who knits

Noah loves his craft. His head is full of creations. He is definitely the most creative in the house (I come in second LOL)

He really enjoys knitting with his loom and made a beautiful scarf which I raffled off at the School Pamper and  Shop evening. He made £11.50, which enabled him to buy the Harry Potter wand he was after!

He can use normal needles though. He entranced the ladies at the local craft event after he plonked himself down and started with his in-over-through-off!

It was lovely to see - everyone was so impressed to see a 6 year old boy knitting away.

He does love an audience too!

This is his finished scarf - won by Mrs Rees from the school.


Bagmaking: The Stall and Various Commissions

The Bag Stall
I have been outrageously busy lately, but the school were holding a pamper and shop event on May 13th which I agreed to do. See how I managed to get the table next to the climbing frame? Great for hanging bags LOL 

This was my first customer - Cath from Spowart wines (the stall two down from me) She had the backgammon bag in her possession before I even finished setting up!

I also sold my linen Ethel, and quite a few zipped cases, and took a couple of commisions too, which was nice. Mostly though I just nattered, got to meet some lovely ladies and see their beautiful wares, and I made some lolly. Which was nice!

Harry Potter Zipped Cases

I met a lovely lady called Helen at the Scarlett and Jo Event, who later contacted me to ask if I could make her some HP cases. Well finding HP fabric is pretty difficult in the UK, but I manged to get this from Etsy, so I made two. She decided to buy them both :)

Mini Purse

One of the commissions I took on bag stall night was for a small purse, which was part of the 'Beau Pair' set. She wanted tattoo fabric with a light green accent. I made two to give a choice, and she chose the top one. (that's my fave too)

1st Purse

2nd Purse

Other stuff I made for the Bag Stall: