Monday, 13 June 2016

What else is happening?

And in other news:

Both of my babies now need glasses. Noah got his first pair on Wednesday, and Joey got a pair with a slightly lower prescription which is good news as it means his eyes are correcting.

I dismantled this:

and put up this:

Very happy with it. Noah has his own room of course so we didn't need a bunk, however I thought it would be more useful. Joey doesn't like using a ladder, so we can throw his extra junk up there and also use it for sleepovers.

We had some sun, and I broke out the paddling pool.

I bought some new running shoes because for some reason I entered the Race for Life in Cambridge next month...

...and some fabric


I met up with some of the gals in London and visited the pinup popup shop off Brick Lane and then we ate and drank and were merry

And Godmanchester had a 1940s event

Bagmaking: Cat Portrait Coin Purses and Swim Bag

I have to say it a while since I made a swim bag, but this was a commission so I had to make it work. Its simple enough - you just need to get the measurements right.
This one has a PUL (waterproof - although I'd say not quite waterproof as the seams aren't treated) lining, and a front pocket.

I also made two little cat coin purses for her to choose from.


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Plus Size Fashion: Miss Fortune and Dorothy Perkins (again)

*Work Loo Shot Alert*

Sometimes I just can't wait to try things on. Luckily the toilets are nice and clean where I work. 

Package from Clarence and Alabama arrived Friday at 2pm. Sadly I'd already left at 1pm, so I picked it up this morning.

Pretty packaging. Well done C&A

I ordered two dresses - both £20 in the sale which is a bargain. Both in a size XL

I honestly was a bit baffled by the sizing. I'm usually an 18. Approx 44-38-48 (however hips not relevant here)
So I went for the XL (16) because I figured the bust on the XXL would be way too big. It was kind of a gamble.

Luckily a gamble that paid off. This is the 'Into The Sunset Blue Hawaiian'
I've been eyeing this up for a few years, but never gone for it. However at £20 I couldn't say no. I'm really pleased with it, but it is quite snug. Half a stone less might make it feel more comfy. It does look great though, even if I say so myself.

This is the Lady Luck Swing Dress Red Atomic
Believe it or not, its the same size as the one above. However there is a LOT of gape on the armscyes. I will have to take it in, but I still love it. Very comfy. More of a day dress.


I made adjustments and I'm happier with it now. Darts on the front, darts on the bag to reduce the gape, and then a little tuck on the front to make it a more flattering sweetheart neckline. Ta Da!!

And so to Dotty P.

Its just not happening for me. If they'd had this dress in an 18, I might have kept it. The one in this pic is a 22 (all they had left). I was going to modify it but the bodice is lined which means more faff, and I didn't like it enough to want to bother, so I returned it. Bit sad but not the end of the world.

Then there's this one. Same design. Right size. I just don't think I'm a stripes person though. It just felt wrong. So It went back.

Then on the way back to the car park, I popped into M&Co, and fell for this little minty coloured cardi. I would have preferred shorter sleeves, but it was a tenner in the sale, so I bought it anyway. I think it might require a motif, but chances of me ever remembering to sew one on are slim!

Its CRAFTfest time!!

Best of British Community Crafting event HERE  

Friday, 3 June 2016

Bagmaking: the Poppy Pouch

Not a lot to say other than here are some poppy pouches (which I call taco pouches) from this fantastic pattern

Plus Sized Fashion: Lindy Bop and Dorothy Perkins

Lindy bop sale is on, and as always its absolute chaos. Wrong orders, cancelled orders, late and missing orders etc etc, however I finally got two dresses.

The first is the ZsaZsa tropical wiggle which comes with a bolero. Now a wiggle is always a gamble for me. I have a supersize bottom and a big old belly. However this fabric is just the right thickness and has enough stretch and I love it. I don't quite have the chest to fill it, but that's ok. £12 well spent.

The Myrtle in red gingham on the other hand - WTF is going on with the wings? They are just too big to look anything other than absurd when down, and won't stay up of their own accord. Apparently this is a common confusion. People have suggested interfacing, velcro, stitches and so on. I think I'll just sell it on.

Dorothy Perkins are also doing the hard sell at the moment. I couldn't get the dresses I wanted (anchors and pineapples) so I thought I'd try these three because I want something comfy and soft to wear on holiday. Well none are particularly flattering, and the third isn't really comfy (and has crossover back straps and a saggy bodice) so I may just send them all back.