Friday, 3 June 2016

Plus Sized Fashion: Lindy Bop and Dorothy Perkins

Lindy bop sale is on, and as always its absolute chaos. Wrong orders, cancelled orders, late and missing orders etc etc, however I finally got two dresses.

The first is the ZsaZsa tropical wiggle which comes with a bolero. Now a wiggle is always a gamble for me. I have a supersize bottom and a big old belly. However this fabric is just the right thickness and has enough stretch and I love it. I don't quite have the chest to fill it, but that's ok. £12 well spent.

The Myrtle in red gingham on the other hand - WTF is going on with the wings? They are just too big to look anything other than absurd when down, and won't stay up of their own accord. Apparently this is a common confusion. People have suggested interfacing, velcro, stitches and so on. I think I'll just sell it on.

Dorothy Perkins are also doing the hard sell at the moment. I couldn't get the dresses I wanted (anchors and pineapples) so I thought I'd try these three because I want something comfy and soft to wear on holiday. Well none are particularly flattering, and the third isn't really comfy (and has crossover back straps and a saggy bodice) so I may just send them all back.

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