Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A new machine, a new dress, and lots and lots of Pims!

It was a very eventful weekend indeed. I'm just recovering now!

Friday night I went out with a friend who will be leaving us soon as her husband has a new job in Switzerland. Very exciting! I wore my new black maxi dress from Asda (http://direct.asda.com/george/womens/dresses/jersey-maxi-dress/G004395991,default,pd.html) and cycled into town without getting tangled once! Lots of giggles and Pims later, I cycled back again. Its a good job its cycle paths all the way :)

Saturday the boys had swimming lessons as normal, then we headed forAlconbury to the Norma Major Charity Cricket match. We did see John Major. We did not see the 'Weasley Twins' who either didn't turn up or just didn't play by the time we left. Joey was slightly disappointed by this - but not much. They just wanted to eat ice-cream and hotdogs and play in the park!


Saturday evening was spent at friends Sam and Adams house at their luvverly BBQ. Met new people. Drank much pims. The boys had a whale of a time and stayed up until an unheard of time. John stayed home and electrocuted himself on the hedge trimmer ( this has happened before - he really should stay away from outdoor electricals - he has already killed one hedge trimmer and the lawn mower. Luckily he has not killed himself)

Saturday night I stagged home with the boys, got them to bed, and dashed to the garage to unbox this little baby. My lovely friend Anna wants to sell it, but only to someone who will appreciate it - so I'm giving it a trial. So far its fantastic. I've never used a computerised sewing machine before, but my cheap Brother m/c is doing my head in.

So Sunday was a quick trip to the car boot sale (mainly for the bouncy castle) followed by a picnic and craft fair at the Gorgeous Island Hall   The boys always love to have a run around there. There were some older kids playing in the river and mine were very jealous - but its too deep for them to play in just yet!

Sunday evening - I ran these shorts up on the Pfaff in record time. I really wanted an overlocker - but the overlock foot on this machine does fine for my needs. There are a few different stitches available.

Noah wore his shorts yesterday, and of course came back from nursery with them entirely filthy. But thats what little boys do :)

I ended up in Cath Kidston again, and found this cute dress in the bargain basket. Only there due to broken belt loops, I snapped it up for twenty quid. When I got it home, I figured the waistband was too low (I'm quite short waisted) so made the decision to relocate it. I unpicked all the elastic and then sewed it on again 6cm higher up with the Pfaff. Easy peasy! Ironed it and you can hardly tell. I'm super happy.

Newly bought
 Elastic removed and replaced higher up

 Ironed and ready to wear!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Baby Shoes! Plus Gala Weekend in Goddy and Car Maintenance ahoy...

I'm actually not so happy with these. They are taken from the http://www.fleetingthing.com/handmade/baby-gifts/the-mila-baby-shoe-tutorial/&2_10_12 tutorial and they look super-cute but they aren't very practical because the seam is visible and to make it neat you have to overlock or zigzag. Well I don't have an overlocker, and zigzagging all those layers (where the frill meets the shoe) means that it wouldn't be comfortable for a baby. I'm going to have another go, without frills, and hiding the seams.

These arrived from China yesterday. I am mucho excited. They are bamboo bag handles. Oooh!!

Much of one week was taken up attempting to construct a propelled boat for the gala day boat competition. From a coke bottle, a milk carton, and eggbox, some elastic bands, some paper, and a few wooden dowels.

I eventually came up with Dewan the Dragonfly (which did propel - just very very slowly - a lazy dragonfly LOL)  
Of course my kids got all the credit - we won 'Best Decoration'

Gala Weekend in Godmanchester is wonderful. Sadly the Sunday event (Picnic in the Park) was cancelled last year due to torrential rain. The weather obviously had a guilt trip - because this year it was glorious all weekend!


I also found the time to do a car maintenance course (this is Maja changing a tyre) which was great fun and very useful ( I do the car stuff anyway, but I had forgotten how to change the tyre)

And bought this cute little frock in Tesco for a fiver - it was strapless, which I cannot cope with, so I chopped off the top of the bodice and made straps :)

Finally - Anna has offered me one of these babies Pfaff Expression 2046 which she doesn't use. For a price of course, but half what it cost 7 years ago. She's bringing it round later so I can have some trial time. Yey!!!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Baby Shoes Done :)

I'm very happy to report I actually finished a project these week. I'm really having trouble finding the time to get any sewing done. Fortunately, baby shoes take very little time at all and I did these in a couple of hours ( I cut out the fabric the other day)

This time I used the pattern from http://baremaked.blogspot.co.uk/2007/11/reversible-fabric-baby-shoes-tutorial.html I've previously used the stardust pattern, and they are pretty much identical, however these are reversible as you can see, which makes them just that bit more appealing.

I don't know the gender of the baby (these are for Joey's teachers' leaving gift at the end of term - she'll be off on maternity leave and we don't know when she'll return - I'm hoping in time for when Noah starts reception next September!)

I therefore made them as unisex as possible. The owls are a bit more autumy tones, and the stripes are a bit more summer. I think the stripes are Riley Blake and the owls are Timeless Treasures. I just raided my stash for this.

They barely use any fabric at all because they are 0-3 month size, and therefore cost very little to make (I reckon I used less than half a fat quarter in total, so you're looking at £1.50 max depending on the fabric.)

I just have to figure out how to package them prettily now. I'm not good at that bit. Any tips would be good!

Monday, 1 July 2013

In which I start on some baby shoes, and buy a new lipstick

I know. It doesn't sound terribly exciting!

I did book a holiday this morning though. Slightly marred by the fact I managed to book entirely the wrong dates. Stoopid website. Quick phonecall though and I think its sorted. I'll only be happy when I get the confirmation though. I now have to go through the rigmarole of applying for two days off school for Joey, which I know he won't be granted, but I think its polite to ask anyway.  I've not done that before (taken unauthorised absence) but I'm just thinking what the heck. Its two days at the end of term. He's 6. What difference will that make?

We had a lovely weekend (doesn't the sun always make it lovely?) with the kids and I didn't get much done otherwise.  Noah insisted on spending all day Saturday dressed as a cowboy. Quite tame for him really. This is them in the library cafe - they go straight there for there Saturday morning treat - Angel Delight!

After lunch we headed for Diddington Country fair, which they loved. They got to sit on tractors, ride a mini steam train, and do a bit of archery (even Noah, who is usually too young) I browsed craft stalls, and we all indulged in some very interesting gooseberry ice-cream

Sunday was glorious (these shots are still quite early - about 11am - before the sun really got going) and whilst the initial plan was to head for Stanwick lakes, roadworks on the A14 meant we turned around and headed in the other direction. Ended up at Lammas Land in Cambridge. The paddling pool there is so great for kids. Really big but all shallow. I knew those rubber rings bought on impulse at Lidl would come in handy!

I also got my subscription delivered. It came with a letter telling me that its been discontinued. I'm not that sad - I didn't find it particularly compelling. Its still lovely to get things in the post though and I like to read it in the bath.

I also bought me a brand new lipstick. I do own it already, but I lost the lid which is kind of annoying. This is Barry M pillar box red (121). I think it looks very retro and is quite striking, but seems to suit me (its sort of orange based). I can't show you a photo of me right now - I did take one but it was in strong sunlight and there was too much 'tache for my liking (TMI LOL?!)

And finally... I made a start on Mrs Wilkinsons baby shoes. She has been Joeys teacher for the last two years, but is having her first baby in the next few months. I thought it would make a nice present as not sure when she's returning. I dont know the gender, so these are meant for either, and will be reversible.