Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Baby Shoes! Plus Gala Weekend in Goddy and Car Maintenance ahoy...

I'm actually not so happy with these. They are taken from the tutorial and they look super-cute but they aren't very practical because the seam is visible and to make it neat you have to overlock or zigzag. Well I don't have an overlocker, and zigzagging all those layers (where the frill meets the shoe) means that it wouldn't be comfortable for a baby. I'm going to have another go, without frills, and hiding the seams.

These arrived from China yesterday. I am mucho excited. They are bamboo bag handles. Oooh!!

Much of one week was taken up attempting to construct a propelled boat for the gala day boat competition. From a coke bottle, a milk carton, and eggbox, some elastic bands, some paper, and a few wooden dowels.

I eventually came up with Dewan the Dragonfly (which did propel - just very very slowly - a lazy dragonfly LOL)  
Of course my kids got all the credit - we won 'Best Decoration'

Gala Weekend in Godmanchester is wonderful. Sadly the Sunday event (Picnic in the Park) was cancelled last year due to torrential rain. The weather obviously had a guilt trip - because this year it was glorious all weekend!


I also found the time to do a car maintenance course (this is Maja changing a tyre) which was great fun and very useful ( I do the car stuff anyway, but I had forgotten how to change the tyre)

And bought this cute little frock in Tesco for a fiver - it was strapless, which I cannot cope with, so I chopped off the top of the bodice and made straps :)

Finally - Anna has offered me one of these babies Pfaff Expression 2046 which she doesn't use. For a price of course, but half what it cost 7 years ago. She's bringing it round later so I can have some trial time. Yey!!!

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