Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Baby Shoes Done :)

I'm very happy to report I actually finished a project these week. I'm really having trouble finding the time to get any sewing done. Fortunately, baby shoes take very little time at all and I did these in a couple of hours ( I cut out the fabric the other day)

This time I used the pattern from http://baremaked.blogspot.co.uk/2007/11/reversible-fabric-baby-shoes-tutorial.html I've previously used the stardust pattern, and they are pretty much identical, however these are reversible as you can see, which makes them just that bit more appealing.

I don't know the gender of the baby (these are for Joey's teachers' leaving gift at the end of term - she'll be off on maternity leave and we don't know when she'll return - I'm hoping in time for when Noah starts reception next September!)

I therefore made them as unisex as possible. The owls are a bit more autumy tones, and the stripes are a bit more summer. I think the stripes are Riley Blake and the owls are Timeless Treasures. I just raided my stash for this.

They barely use any fabric at all because they are 0-3 month size, and therefore cost very little to make (I reckon I used less than half a fat quarter in total, so you're looking at £1.50 max depending on the fabric.)

I just have to figure out how to package them prettily now. I'm not good at that bit. Any tips would be good!

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