Monday, 1 July 2013

In which I start on some baby shoes, and buy a new lipstick

I know. It doesn't sound terribly exciting!

I did book a holiday this morning though. Slightly marred by the fact I managed to book entirely the wrong dates. Stoopid website. Quick phonecall though and I think its sorted. I'll only be happy when I get the confirmation though. I now have to go through the rigmarole of applying for two days off school for Joey, which I know he won't be granted, but I think its polite to ask anyway.  I've not done that before (taken unauthorised absence) but I'm just thinking what the heck. Its two days at the end of term. He's 6. What difference will that make?

We had a lovely weekend (doesn't the sun always make it lovely?) with the kids and I didn't get much done otherwise.  Noah insisted on spending all day Saturday dressed as a cowboy. Quite tame for him really. This is them in the library cafe - they go straight there for there Saturday morning treat - Angel Delight!

After lunch we headed for Diddington Country fair, which they loved. They got to sit on tractors, ride a mini steam train, and do a bit of archery (even Noah, who is usually too young) I browsed craft stalls, and we all indulged in some very interesting gooseberry ice-cream

Sunday was glorious (these shots are still quite early - about 11am - before the sun really got going) and whilst the initial plan was to head for Stanwick lakes, roadworks on the A14 meant we turned around and headed in the other direction. Ended up at Lammas Land in Cambridge. The paddling pool there is so great for kids. Really big but all shallow. I knew those rubber rings bought on impulse at Lidl would come in handy!

I also got my subscription delivered. It came with a letter telling me that its been discontinued. I'm not that sad - I didn't find it particularly compelling. Its still lovely to get things in the post though and I like to read it in the bath.

I also bought me a brand new lipstick. I do own it already, but I lost the lid which is kind of annoying. This is Barry M pillar box red (121). I think it looks very retro and is quite striking, but seems to suit me (its sort of orange based). I can't show you a photo of me right now - I did take one but it was in strong sunlight and there was too much 'tache for my liking (TMI LOL?!)

And finally... I made a start on Mrs Wilkinsons baby shoes. She has been Joeys teacher for the last two years, but is having her first baby in the next few months. I thought it would make a nice present as not sure when she's returning. I dont know the gender, so these are meant for either, and will be reversible.

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