Once upon a time, in 2005, and before children arrived, JP and I lived in Sydney. We lived over the road from a hobby ceramics studio called http://www.lanecovehobbyceramics.com.au/, run by a lovely lady called Janelle, and her assistant Debbie whom I became good friends with.
Once a week, I'd head over for some greenware painting therapy.
Here's a selection of what I painted during that time (in no particular chronological order!)

Hollys Mug

Butterfly plate/plaque

Urn - I made JP carry this back to the UK in his rucksack!

Lucy and Rays moving plate

Keiths MG Mug

Teeny pot

Maxeys Cat Teapot. The lid never fit properley, but then it wasn't meant for actual tea making!

Anne's cat Mug

Manolo Plaque. With dirty streak which appeared after firing. Never really liked this one.

Potts Plaque

Potts Egg Cup

Lucy and Rays Wedding Plate

My Cinderella Mug

Alice Flower fairy Plaque. V. Cheesy!

Spoon holder. I made this to use it, not for display.

Pencil Pot

Shoe Bowl #1

Johns Pig Mug

Wendys prize-winning fruit bowl :)

Ceramics Competition I never got to enter after my bowl broke during firing

Butterfly pot

Butterfly Plaque

Butter Dish. Which was a bit pants.

Wine Cooler

My second ever piece - Mosaic Bowl - sadly couldnt be entered into the competition because the side blew off in the kiln.

What happens when youre greenware is a bit unstable and you don't know about it until its too late

My first ever attempt

Shoe Bowl #2

Large dish. Took me a while this one.

Lake Scene. Last ever piece I did.

Sonya and Glenns wedding bowl with pearlised glaze

Alices mug.

Fi and Simons Wedding Bowl

Alices Mug

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