Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In which I try to catch up...(and and make a Glenda Lighthouse bag)

Right then. Last things first. 
Purely because if you're here because you are interested in crafty-type stuff and not mylife-type stuff, then you can check this out and leave!
I cut this out last month, but I didn't have time to finish it until this week, such has life been. I used the lighthouse fabric to match my Ruby lighthouse dress. The pattern is a Swoon (Glenda) I flipping love Swoon patterns. 

I went for a green lining. No idea what the fabric is - I bought it years ago.

I used a twist lock for the first time and I'm rather pleased with the result!

This is the back. I moved the D-Ring tabs to the outside as they are meant to be on the inside but I don't like it. 

Overall, pleased with the result. Will I sell it or will I use it? Hmm....not sure!

In other news: I made it to the front page of the Voodoo Vixen website - along with Helen (left) and Sarah (middle) Its kind of weird - especially as I keep spotting my picture on ebay. I'm not sure if we'll be called back to modelling the next set of dresses. Watch this space!

I did get to go down to London Edge with the others to promote VV - which also meant free tickets for the aftershow party, sponsored by collectif. It was such a fantastic day. I mean, I got to go into London, paid for, wear a lovely dress all day, hand out leaflets and chat to folk, free shots from the Pinup Academy bar, then free booze at the party. I met so many wonderful people.

40th celebrations. 
I had two of these :)

One in August, just before my birthday at Whittlebury Hall and spa, and one last weekend, which was a kind of joint celebration as its Lucys 40th at the beginning of October, but it was also Jess's birthday whilst we were there. We ate. We drank. We spa'd. We reunited. Was a lovely weekend.

Did I say we went to Italy? We went to Italy too :)