Thursday, 4 February 2016

Plus Sized Fashion: Collectif Tura Woodland Bloom blouse.

Honestly I'm not a blouse person. I'm more of a smock person. However at 7 quid I thought I'd give this pretty blouse a go. It is chiffon. For some reason I thought it would have an in built slip. It doesn't!

This is me in the Tura. I just went for the 18 as it said it was true to size. It fits ok, but is slightly tight on my (huge, but 8cm less huge than 4 weeks ago) belly. The sleeves are big enough even when fastened with the little button. The bow is a nice feature. 

I had to dig out a vest top because I really do not want my underwear on show to all, but I think I will wear this even though I don't normally display my ar*e as its so big right now.

Those jeans are Tesco F&F btw and they fit really well. I got them in the sale just after christmas and wish I'd bought more.

On the subject of weightloss, I've not had much. I joined the '8 week transformation' at my local gym, the Unit Fitness at the beginning of January. I've been attending 3 training sessions a week like a good girl, eating what they tell me (no bread or pasta <sigh>) and had my 4 week stats (check in) yesterday, at 6.45am, when some folk were just finishing a training session (what the?!)

I've only lost 4.5lb which is kind of sh*t, however I've lost inches off my waist, hips and wrists (eh?!) and a bit off my calves. My thighs are stubbornly refusing to shift anything, but I think I'm losing it just above my knees because they don't seem as porky on the photo above. I could be just imagining it, but that's ok. If I can fit into my Cath Kidston dress again I'll be happy. If I can fit into Collectif size 18 jeans (this photo was 3.5 weeks ago) I'll be ecstatic!!

Bagmaking: Swoon Harriet for the lady who sews

So here we are. Harriet. A pretty quick sew, but not an easy one as my machine did NOT like working with the faux leather. Its not been too bad in the past, but I think its had enough now and is refusing to play ball. I spent HOURS trying to get it to work, fiddling with the tension and the threads and the needles etc etc and it still isn't perfect.
As a result, I'm not happy with the top stitching on the handles, or the attachment of the base which looks messy as I had to restitch a few times which is a no-no for leatherette. Overall though I'm happy, but I actually wish I'd used foam not fleece to stabilise as its a bit floppy for my liking. Honestly I should know this by now but I wanted to follow the instructions as far as possible.

This is what it looks like with the zips open. You can see the contrast fabric at the sides.

This is with the zips closed

This is inside. There's a zipped pocket and a couple of slip pockets.

And slightly closer up showing the flip lock that I'm rather proud of (it took me ages to install this as I was trying to be ever so precise)

Fabrics used as below: 

Vintage Couturier in Cream by Robert Kaufman

Accents and zipped pocket in Fancy and Fabulous by Riley Blake

Lining in I'm a Maker by Art Gallery

Faux Leather came from Doughtys Online