Thursday, 6 March 2014

I am vair, vair busy at the mo, so whilst I have stuff going on, I have nothing complete to show you at the mo.
This month we have been mostly buying fish (against my better judgement, but hubby insisted) 
killing fish (Goldy only lasted two weeks - has been replaced by Boo Boo who seems to be faring better)
We have been to the legoland hotel (thumbs up for that) for Joey's birthday.
We have had Joeys birthday (cake not made by me - I gave up the cake thing last year)
I have been raising dosh for the Ladies Driving Challenge
I went to the opening of a new fabric shop in Peterborough Fabritastic

I made a leetle bag as a practice run for a commission I've been asked to do.  I'm hoping to get that done by the end of this week.
I have also started to make a nautical dress using Vogue 8727. I was hoping to have this finished for the 50's photoshoot I'm doing next week. I have bought some backup dresses in case I don't manage it though. TBH its looking unlikely. I have 6 days to try to complete a bag and a dress and pretty much no spare time to do it in. Thats a challenge!