Monday, 15 December 2014

Cosmetic Purses and a Handbag handbag. Plus Christmas plays and carol concerts.

Its a busy time at the mo. There are parties to be had (by children) concerts to be done (by children) and things to be made (by children and me!)

I'll cover crafts first.
I made a large purchase over the weekend. Four bolts of Amy Butler fabric.


I didn't mean to go so nuts, but they are end of line and a super bargain at £5 a metre. My mum gave me some money for christmas. This took a large chunk of it!

I had already bought a metre of two of these fabrics a couple of weeks ago, and used them to make some cosmetics purses for family. I didn't use a pattern, and I used some lovely bright 8" zips I got on ebay. I think I just did 3.5" x 10" for the patterned fabric, 4.5" for the red fabric, and 7" x 10" for the lining. Sewed on some zip ends. Sewed in the zip. Sewed across the base to make the corners at about 3.5" width. Bobs your uncle. Not as quick as a basic pencil case, but not much more work and looks pretty nice.


I also finished my Cate (swoon patterns) handbag last night. I'm cross with myself for not making the pleather higher up the bag. I miscalculated so you can hardly see it as its on the base, but still quite happy with the bag in general. I love this melody miller ruby star linen-cotton fabric. Its my handbags handbag!



Also this week - Noah had his first christmas play at school (they don't do traditional nativities) He was a chicken. He didn't do much but pull faces at me but the whole thing is quite cute. I'm not allowed to post pics of that.

 (Noah at the carol concert - in the middle - elf hat on)

They also put on an out of school club carol concert. All the Y3s boycotted it (including Joey) because they refused to sing 'Let it go'. (I know full well Joey secretly enjoys Frozen) so he sat with me, and Noah pulled faced and rolled his jumper up and down :)

Tuesday evening I went out for a 'quick drink' with some of the reception mums. I can't really hold my drink any more, so 3 glasses of red and a sambuca later, I was pretty sozzled. I did of course have to work on Wednesday morning, but fortunately the boys were on a play date after school so I got a rest.

Voodoo Vixen have a new plus size model, so that's me out I guess. A quick fb message to say 'nice to work with you but we have a new face' would have been good, but hey ho that's business. She is gorgeous (the new model) but has been sl*gging of the MUA on fb so I'm not sure VV will use her again. Like me she isn't a professional model, but she has a fashion and lifestyle blog (which clearly I don't have - I just have a bit of everything blog!)

On Saturday we visited Wimpole Hall, which is about half an hour away from us. We have a national trust membership so its free for us. They have a lot of Christmas activities on at the mo (although Noah managed to convince this stall holder to let him and Joey make dried arrangements - this wasn't actually an activity - they were just being very kind!)

Inside the hall was decked out beautifully. The boys found some tiddlywinks sets to play with – very grand setting to do so – I’ve bought them some for Christmas as they had lots of fun.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Two bags, one tree, lots of decorations and a little bit of in-cinema puking...

First things first - I completed two bags this week!
Quite a while ago, I won a pattern from Emmaline bags, called the Spring Sling. I love the shape although the patchwork panel on the front was never something I was going to attempt, so I used a piece of my Cath Kidston toadstool fabric instead.


I did partake in some quilting though, which is something I've never attempted before. It went ok. Slightly wonky but nothing major. I love the look of quilting I have to say.
The top of the bag is supposed to have oval grommets for the straps to slot through. I do have the oval grommets. Infortunately I was unaware when I bought them, that I'd need the tools as well. I haven't got 20 quid spare right now, so sadly I've had to leave them off.


I've had the lining fabric for ages and I can't remember when or where I bought it, but it seemed like the right one to use with the cotton linen I got from Doughtys online. The entire outer edge of this bag is bound with hand made binding and then hand stitched on. Took a while! I really like this bag and I will probably make another whenever I get the chance :)

Second bag was this alexis mini satchel style. I'm sort of pseudo happy with it. I wish I'd done piping around the main bag area and not just the flap, because it feels a bit meh without. This is also made from Cath Kidston fabric - there's an outlet near where I work and I'm always popping in on the off-chance there's something bargainous to be had. Its all relative of course but I'm happy to pay £6 a metre for this lineny stuff (instead of £14)

The lining is purple polka cotton. I've attempted to home-make some side tags/labels. I'm not hugely enamoured but they are ok. Do you think it looks kind of wierd sticking out there?


 It was decoration day at school this week. You go in for two hours and help the kids make decorations for the school. They do a morning and afternoon session, but I only had half a day off work, so I had to split a session between both of them.

Noah was first (he's in reception) He made a very. VERY glittery angel. He wouldn't wear his christmas pudding hat because he is five and he decided it was beneath him.

Then I popped over to help Joey and we made a felt bauble with beads. Which looked kind of like ravioli, but he was happy! He wouldn't wear his christmas pudding hat as apparently there was a splinter in it at break time. No idea how that happened. (its a wooly hat made by nanna Maxey)

On Saturday morning I was awakened (as I am every single morning) by a bouncy Noah demanding we get the christmas tree down from the loft. I could only put him off for so long, so we did get  it, and we decorated it. Joey was feeling off colour, so he stayed out of the chaos.

Sunday we went to our local garden centre - they have animatronic polar bears this year. Noah was v. happy. 

They both liked this display, which is up every year.

Then Noah noticed the ice rink. We weren't going to take them skating as its exorbitant, but when Noah gets excited its hard to say no. So £34 later we were all on the rink. 

Ten minutes later there were tears and blisters and aches and pains. Hire boots are DREADFUL. Even Noah wanted to leave. Lets not bother next year.

Sunday afternoon I took them to see Paddington. Which is a great film. Unfortunately Joey started coughing and then did a bit of vomit, which I handily caught in his popcorn cup. Lovely. Took him home and packed him off to bed. He manages to look pretty even when poorly sick. Wish I could say the same about me...

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Two dresses, one night out, one birthday, and far too many dentist visits.

It was Noahs 5th Birthday on 11th November, so whilst he didn't have a party, he did ask if he could have his friend Daisy over to play with his new fairy castle. 

The cake I did not make - I never bother any more because I have someone else do it for 15 quid which is a bargain in my opinion. I'd rather sew to be honest although I have done cakes in the past. 
He asked for a fairy, some flowers and a rabbit on it!

I had to abandon bags temporarily in favour of dressmaking. This is my christmas night out dress. I used the washi pattern, as I only had one metre of the Alexander henry 'Hurry down the Chimney' fabric (and you cannot buy any as its sold out everywhere) The back of the dress is plain black. Its trimmed with gold glitter piping.

I also got involved in the Sew Retro Rose Swirl sewalong. This is my (unfinished) effort. I wasn't particularly successful but I may even wear it! I can't even be bothered to describe how it went wrong, but there are more darts than on Bullys Prize Board, plus some extra pintucks on the front.

And on Saturday we went for our yearly girly get-together. This year I chose 'Bounce' in London (we always meet in London) for a spot of ping pong followed by pizza. 
 Thoroughly recommend this place. Fantastic for some silly fun.

L to R.:Sonya, Me, Lucy, Alice, Tanja, Pauline (and Paulines bump) Jess took the photo so unfortunately is not in it!

And so far this month, I've been to the dentist three times. Its not much fun and its very very expensive. I hate my teeth :(