Friday, 28 June 2013

In which I buy new glasses on a budget (and then use the budget on something else - FABRIC!!)

So as my FB friends already know, I went and had my free eye check the other day - after all, it had been a good  two years since the last one.
The lovely lady at Tesco did a check and informed me, that in fact it had been nearly half a decade since my last one. Oops! I only really wear them for driving and TV (when I really want to see it clearly!) but I thought I'd better get me some more.
I plumped for (who are excellent btw - really can't fault the service) and set myself a budget of £100 for some functional specs. This is what I ended up with!

The sunnies. I don't heart these particularly, but the only other options were not super-cheapo or big enough to really do the job of sunnies. They are prescription, which was the point of them.


The sensible everyday pair. these have black frames and pink 'inners'. I actually thought they had purple frames for some reason. Never mind. They are anti-glare, anti-scratch and whatever other wotnots they put on frames. And I can see. Hurrah!
(apologies for the just-out-the-shower-on-way-to-work-should-have-put-lippy-on car shots but thats where I keep my specs!)

The total was just under £54. 
So what did I do with ther other £46 of my £100 max budget?

Of course I spent it on fabric at :)

This is the cheaper stuff I bought for linings

And this is the more expensive stuff I intend to make bags/purses with. Hee!!!


Monday, 24 June 2013

In which I attend a most fabulous vintage tea and crafting event...

Had a completely lovely time yesterday, at vintage tea and craft party.

    We had our hair done - this is Nic getting a hairover. What a doll!

We were treated to lashing of ginger beer, lemonade, tea and coffee in cute little jars, cakes galore, dainty little ham, cucumber, egg and cheese&tomato sandwiches, scones with jam and cream...

This is Anna, fresh from a fun run (who went straight from pompom wielding jogging cheerleader to vintage vixen!)

 More tea darling?

 Posing at the 'booth'

 Desperately trying to finish my brooch before the event ended:

 Completed Brooch on my puppytooth handbag:

Friday, 21 June 2013

In which I buy an old frock, a new frock, and abandon a project (and whinge about how fat I am!)

My first bargain of the week is this little top/dress which I got for £1.99 at Barnardos (currently the only charity shop which doesn't have ridiculously priced stock) I loved the shape of it - its like a shirt dress but with a frill at the bottom. I'm thinking I may remove the frill, add some black fabric as a flared skirt, then pop the frill back on. I dunno. Maybe I'll just remove the frill full stop. Or maybe the frill will look fine if I lose some weight! It is just getting added to my stash at the mo for later attention.

 Heres the top details. Nice gathered yolk and sleeves.

My second 'bargain' isn't really a bargain. I went a bit mad buying clothes online at Izabel the other day, knowing full well I couldn't afford it. I saw a fifties style dress in Dotty P's the other day but they had none in my size. Well they did online! Apologies for the flash short and bad photo, but this is the one I'm keeping (it was full price sadly, but my first order did have 20% off and also got10% quidco cashback - so £24.50 is not bad is it?!)
I love the shape and thought it was really flattering on my, lets face it, size 20 figure (the dress is a 16 - snug but wearable - I'm back on the diet again) Its a lovely 50's shape - very modest but very bright. I think the brights suit my colouring best, so this is the one I have kept. I'm actually astonished that something with a low waistband (I'm not sure its meant to be but I'm short-waisted so it sits below my natural 'in' bit) is flattering. I favour empire styles on a day-to-day basis.

 This adorable little number is quite 50's too - and disappointingly looked cr*p on me. The hemline was also wonky - I'm not sure if this is a feature but due to it being uneven I don't think so. I suspect if I'd been 2 stone lighter I'd have wanted to keep it, but I'm not, so I ain't.

This shirt dress looked cute, but I couldnt even get it on - or rather I could get the dress on, but not the sleeves - bane of my life. Sleeves too tight when everything else is OK. Fat arms begone!!

This dress looked cute on - but is bizarrley made of this nasty thick jersey style fabric which is really hot and scratchy. So it looks like a summer dress, but feels like a winter dress. Returned!

Another pic of the dress I have kept. I bought three of these - a purply one, a pinky gerbera one, and this one. 

The purply one I immediately discounted - pretty but not my colours. I rather liked this pinky gerbera one - and its more subtle - (plus it was only £24 in the sale so would have been  £16.80) but it couldn't win over the bright one. I couldn't justify keeping both either.

The dresses below I'm just showing off as I seem to be on that subject so may as well stick to it for today. Both are new with tags on :)

This is one I bought in a closing down sale in Sydney in 2006. I never wore it and I can't remember why. Its so pretty. Crossover front, big sash that wraps from the back to around the front and back again. Full swingy skirt. Very 50's. I can't even get it zipped up now, so I'm lending it to the lovely Anna to wear to the vintage tea-party on Sunday. She should look a treat!

Thjis is a rockabilly style dress in a 14  I got on ebay for a tenner about a stone and a half ago. Even then it was too tight on the backside. One day it will fit... I do have a similar one with white piping in the 16 but the arse is still too tight, even though the bodice is fine <sigh>

The dress I have abandoned is the blue star swing dress #2. It just hasnt worked. The shape is wrong and the piping is wrong. I'm going to have to unpick the entire thing and start from scratch sans piping. It was a nice idea that failed. I'll be wearing swing dress #1 to the tea party as originally intended!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

1940's Dance Tickets Give Away!

From Forties Knitter:

This looks like so much fun. I may book a couple of tickets anyway, although the hubby would rather boil his head in oil - I have a few friends who would really enjoy it!

Whilst I'm on the subject of the forties - I'm getting there with swing dress #2. Its doing my head in a bit. I probably should have stayed away from the piping - I've already sew it - dismantled it - sew in - added extra bits - and I'm still not happy. This is what its looking like as of this morning. Sans sleeves and not sewn up at the sides yet. I also think I may pinch the neckline to make it sweetheart. I think the piping makes it look more 50's though - and I don't really like it on the yolk bit - I think it looks a bit cowgirl...

I was hoping to wear it to the Vintage tea party on Sunday, but I'm not sure thats going to happen and I may revert to #1!

I have so many projects and so little time. My list is currently:

  • Swing Dress #2
  • Finish puppytooth handbag brooch as its currently not fixed to the bag I made.
  • Billowing 70's dress reconstruction
  • More comfy trousers for Noah + some shorts
  • Baby Shoes for Joeys teacher
  • Pouch for my nexus in the Cath Kidston oilcloth - possibly or just using some cotton and the PUL I have somewhere.
  • Shirtdress
  • 50's dress
  • Graceful Kelly Bag
Oh - can I also just add a want - Lola by Miss L Fire....

Mules Miss L'Fire LOLA Blue

Monday, 3 June 2013

Back in the Saddle

Well, its been a little while since I blogged. This is mostly due to my impatiently awaiting the arrival of my dressmakers form, which took an irritatingly long time to turn up (and was late).

However, she is here now.
Her name is Kirsty (I don't know why. It just popped into my head when I was adjusting her to 'me' size and I am unable to rename her to something more 'cool' because in my head she is Kirsty) and she is assisting me in selling some clothes on ebay, and also currently doing the swing dress #2 and the peony transformation.

Kirsty will be wearing a black t-shirt in most pics to cover up the padded bra and towel 'tummy' I gave her to make her shape a bit more realistic. AKA plump like moi.

Why is she green though? Why don't they do them in shades of person? I have nothing against green - in fact it is my favourite colour - but it doesn't really set off what you're dressing her in so very well.

Here she is in the peony dress. I am currently disassembling it. The sleeves are off. The frill is next. And then I'm cutting off the skirt and putting on a waistband. That is the plan, anyhows.

Can you see the lindy bop dress hanging on the right there? I could squeeze into that a few months back. Now I haven't got a hope in hell. I do love it though.

The swing dress #2 is in the exact same fabric as #1, albeit blue  and not green. I have re-drafted the pattern and I'm hoping to attempt some piping this time.

We had a bank holiday last week which was gorgeous weather, and also had some this weekend. Activites have included visiting Island Hall, making fruit kebabs (in Noahs case, wearing only a pinny for modesty), visiting the Cambridgeshire Garden Show and failing to make it to Twin Lakes after Noah projectile vomited in the car even before we left Huntingdon. I'm hoping to manage it next Saturday instead. I'm also hoping to also make the Wicksteed at War event on the Sunday, as we went last year entirely by accident, and it was a lovely day. Unfortunately this means we'll miss the nursery open day (thats plant nursery) with the bee display on the Saturday, and the Huntingdon Riverside Gala on the Sunday. So many events - so little time!!