Tuesday, 18 June 2013

1940's Dance Tickets Give Away!

From Forties Knitter:


This looks like so much fun. I may book a couple of tickets anyway, although the hubby would rather boil his head in oil - I have a few friends who would really enjoy it!

Whilst I'm on the subject of the forties - I'm getting there with swing dress #2. Its doing my head in a bit. I probably should have stayed away from the piping - I've already sew it - dismantled it - sew in - added extra bits - and I'm still not happy. This is what its looking like as of this morning. Sans sleeves and not sewn up at the sides yet. I also think I may pinch the neckline to make it sweetheart. I think the piping makes it look more 50's though - and I don't really like it on the yolk bit - I think it looks a bit cowgirl...

I was hoping to wear it to the Vintage tea party on Sunday, but I'm not sure thats going to happen and I may revert to #1!

I have so many projects and so little time. My list is currently:

  • Swing Dress #2
  • Finish puppytooth handbag brooch as its currently not fixed to the bag I made.
  • Billowing 70's dress reconstruction
  • More comfy trousers for Noah + some shorts
  • Baby Shoes for Joeys teacher
  • Pouch for my nexus in the Cath Kidston oilcloth - possibly or just using some cotton and the PUL I have somewhere.
  • Shirtdress
  • 50's dress
  • Graceful Kelly Bag
Oh - can I also just add a want - Lola by Miss L Fire....

Mules Miss L'Fire LOLA Blue

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