Monday, 3 June 2013

Back in the Saddle

Well, its been a little while since I blogged. This is mostly due to my impatiently awaiting the arrival of my dressmakers form, which took an irritatingly long time to turn up (and was late).

However, she is here now.
Her name is Kirsty (I don't know why. It just popped into my head when I was adjusting her to 'me' size and I am unable to rename her to something more 'cool' because in my head she is Kirsty) and she is assisting me in selling some clothes on ebay, and also currently doing the swing dress #2 and the peony transformation.

Kirsty will be wearing a black t-shirt in most pics to cover up the padded bra and towel 'tummy' I gave her to make her shape a bit more realistic. AKA plump like moi.

Why is she green though? Why don't they do them in shades of person? I have nothing against green - in fact it is my favourite colour - but it doesn't really set off what you're dressing her in so very well.

Here she is in the peony dress. I am currently disassembling it. The sleeves are off. The frill is next. And then I'm cutting off the skirt and putting on a waistband. That is the plan, anyhows.

Can you see the lindy bop dress hanging on the right there? I could squeeze into that a few months back. Now I haven't got a hope in hell. I do love it though.

The swing dress #2 is in the exact same fabric as #1, albeit blue  and not green. I have re-drafted the pattern and I'm hoping to attempt some piping this time.

We had a bank holiday last week which was gorgeous weather, and also had some this weekend. Activites have included visiting Island Hall, making fruit kebabs (in Noahs case, wearing only a pinny for modesty), visiting the Cambridgeshire Garden Show and failing to make it to Twin Lakes after Noah projectile vomited in the car even before we left Huntingdon. I'm hoping to manage it next Saturday instead. I'm also hoping to also make the Wicksteed at War event on the Sunday, as we went last year entirely by accident, and it was a lovely day. Unfortunately this means we'll miss the nursery open day (thats plant nursery) with the bee display on the Saturday, and the Huntingdon Riverside Gala on the Sunday. So many events - so little time!!

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