Friday, 24 May 2013

Kicking myself for not waiting for the sale

because of course everything at Kaleidoscope is now 20% of instead of just 10%. Never mind. I'm just kicking my heels waiting for the dress form. I'm not used to waiting for ages for a delivery dammit!

Plus, got the wrong delivery of fabric - I got blue stars instead of dots. I did tell the bloke and he was lovely and sent the right order immeidately with an envelope to return the stars.I have since realised however, that I cannot part with either (and the polka doesn't match my shoes, because its white based not cream based) so I'm going to have to email him back and tell him he just made an extra sale...

Onto other matters - Noah has shown some artistic flair this week. This is a drawing of me and him. And some rocks, apparently.


Also, I got me a lovely Next dress from ebay. £3.40. Its kind of a little girls style summer dress, but it makes my knockers look bigger than they are. Always a bonus!

So, in summary, I have been not doing much sewing of late, unless you count patching up school trousers. I really really want that dress form before I start again because I want to make up the swing dress in blue stars but with more modifications. C'mon already and arrive!

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