Monday, 20 May 2013

In which I trick the hubby into agreeing I can buy a dressmakers dummy, and make a confession about vintage fairs.

Actually 'trick' is a bit harsh on me. I didn't trick him. I asked outright if he minded me buying one. He said 'yeh thats fine' without having a clue what I was on about. He can't say I didn't ask though!

I got it from Kaleidoscope for £67.50 (10% discount). Its not perfect (as in the torso is static so I can't adjust back height), but the sizing is right, and its better than not having one and using the chair back/sticking pins in me. I am v. excited - it should arrive this week if I'm lucky.

The weekend was spent entertaining small children as usual, but I did get to go to Cambridge on Saturday morning for an hour.
I have to confess something too <whispers> I didn't like the vintage fair much </whispers>
 I realised quite quickly that I can't be bothered to rummage through rails of tat. I only liked the vintage jewellery, but nothing 'spoke' to me. I tried on a couple of hats that were ok but too expensive to buy. I also quite liked the vintage repro store, but none of the dresses were great so I mooched off again. I didn't see anywhere doing hair and makeup as promised - maybe they were hiding or coming later.
I ended coming out with two things. A voluminous 70's dress which swamps even me, and a cream beret the lady I bought the dress from gave me for free. I bought the dress because I love the fabric (pansies I think) and theres loads of it. I'm loathe to cut it up, but I'm going to.

I may try to make something along the lines of the collette chantilly with it. Just because I actually like the gathered bodice. I will chop off the bottom frill and the sleeves have to go! I may put them back on in smaller form. I will also replace the elastic below the bust with a band like the chantilly. Not sure yet. When I get my dress form, I'll be able to play.


This is the boys tree climbing in Ellsworth. Daddy bought them ice-creams which made things a little tricker but they still managed to get up there. Noah won't remove his Peter Pan hat since I made it on Thursday, and put the matching t-shirt on too.  (He located this in the laundry basket - its covered in food from the previous day when he was at a Tinkerbell party. Bleugh)

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