Thursday, 9 May 2013

Some fabric has arrived!! (claps hands excitedly)

I'm always happy to get parcels. This goes without saying. And I got three new fabrics today. For some reason I thought the penguin stuff would be jersey. No matter, I shall find a use for it. I'm a bit Meh about the black jersey with stars - but again, no doubt I'll find a use. I'm most thrilled about the dog/puppy tooth stuff. It is exactly what I wanted to make my bag to match my shoes! Hurrah!


In my head, I'll be making a plain bag I think, but accessorising with interchangable fabric brooches - something like those below? What do you think?



Ooh these brooch/barrette back thingys that I just spotted on ebay will be perfect!brooch

Also, I'm very close to finishing the swing dress. Woo!!

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