Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tigers, foxes, flowers, bows and wicked hair.

So firstly, the good news. Noah has finally accepted his tiger trousers. He wore them today. Phew. Not a wasted effort then!. I now have to decide what to do with the remainder of the fabric. IMAG4139

Secondly, I have very nearly finished a new pair - the foxie trousers (just need to sew up the waistband) Its so quick when you've done it (and made umpteen mistakes) once already.  These only took and hour or so to cut and sew and Noah is enthusiastic about this pair - he seems to like them better with cuffs. He actually said they are 'so nice mummy' - but 3 year olds are fickle - he may change his mind tomorrow. Bad photo as taken in poor light. Its so late I can't be ar*ed to get the machine out again, change the needle to a double, and get going, but I'm so close.


Thirdly, bed hair. Mostly its bad. On Joey, however, its cool. Seriously - how much does this child rock his slept on hair? That never happens to me LOL!


Finally - I'm still trying to embellish this flipping bag. I tried a gathered flower with a button in the middle:


The I tried making a bow:


I'm still not convinced. Noah did say 'that's a lovely bag mummy' and I do take his critiques seriously (was trying on a dress the other day - "No" he said "that would be a bad choice" - he was right)  so even if I cannot create the right brooch I'm happy enough :) I will keep trying though.

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