Friday, 28 June 2013

In which I buy new glasses on a budget (and then use the budget on something else - FABRIC!!)

So as my FB friends already know, I went and had my free eye check the other day - after all, it had been a good  two years since the last one.
The lovely lady at Tesco did a check and informed me, that in fact it had been nearly half a decade since my last one. Oops! I only really wear them for driving and TV (when I really want to see it clearly!) but I thought I'd better get me some more.
I plumped for (who are excellent btw - really can't fault the service) and set myself a budget of £100 for some functional specs. This is what I ended up with!

The sunnies. I don't heart these particularly, but the only other options were not super-cheapo or big enough to really do the job of sunnies. They are prescription, which was the point of them.


The sensible everyday pair. these have black frames and pink 'inners'. I actually thought they had purple frames for some reason. Never mind. They are anti-glare, anti-scratch and whatever other wotnots they put on frames. And I can see. Hurrah!
(apologies for the just-out-the-shower-on-way-to-work-should-have-put-lippy-on car shots but thats where I keep my specs!)

The total was just under £54. 
So what did I do with ther other £46 of my £100 max budget?

Of course I spent it on fabric at :)

This is the cheaper stuff I bought for linings

And this is the more expensive stuff I intend to make bags/purses with. Hee!!!


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