Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Two dresses, one night out, one birthday, and far too many dentist visits.

It was Noahs 5th Birthday on 11th November, so whilst he didn't have a party, he did ask if he could have his friend Daisy over to play with his new fairy castle. 

The cake I did not make - I never bother any more because I have someone else do it for 15 quid which is a bargain in my opinion. I'd rather sew to be honest although I have done cakes in the past. 
He asked for a fairy, some flowers and a rabbit on it!

I had to abandon bags temporarily in favour of dressmaking. This is my christmas night out dress. I used the washi pattern, as I only had one metre of the Alexander henry 'Hurry down the Chimney' fabric (and you cannot buy any as its sold out everywhere) The back of the dress is plain black. Its trimmed with gold glitter piping.

I also got involved in the Sew Retro Rose Swirl sewalong. This is my (unfinished) effort. I wasn't particularly successful but I may even wear it! I can't even be bothered to describe how it went wrong, but there are more darts than on Bullys Prize Board, plus some extra pintucks on the front.

And on Saturday we went for our yearly girly get-together. This year I chose 'Bounce' in London (we always meet in London) for a spot of ping pong followed by pizza. 
 Thoroughly recommend this place. Fantastic for some silly fun.

L to R.:Sonya, Me, Lucy, Alice, Tanja, Pauline (and Paulines bump) Jess took the photo so unfortunately is not in it!

And so far this month, I've been to the dentist three times. Its not much fun and its very very expensive. I hate my teeth :(


  1. Enjoyed yoir post. Your Christmas dress is lovely and your little one is precious.

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing! What amazing dresses You did great job styling this look, it’s a perfect...!!