Monday, 17 November 2014

A twin glasses case, and the perfect bag for me (Swoon Charlotte)

I'm very happy to report that I've made some progress on the sewing front. 
My mother asked me to create her a twin glasses case as she always has to carry two pairs. I obliged and came up with this one. (She has terriers hence the pattern - although if anyone can find a fabric specifically with Cairn terriers I would be glad to know!)

Its not perfect, but its ok for a prototype.
I've had some interest so I might make a few more, less wonky ones this time!

This bag is for me. I bought this fabric from spoonflower. First time I've worked with faux leather and it was hard work, but worth the slog. The pattern is Charlotte by Swoon.



I love the fact you can pull in the sides, or leave it more tote-like


and in other news...

I went into the Cath Kidston outlet on the day they got a remnant delivery! I was as restrained as I could be, but got this lot for less than twenty quid. Bargain!

I attended the school quiz night. We did not come last! Some of us brought healthy snacks. And some of us did not ;)

We nipped to Cambridge and the boys climbed soggy logs!

I popped into the One Direction London office for a Voodoo Vixen fitting.
 Hopefully their new plus size dresses and cardis will be on sale before christmas.

This is such a lovely fitting dress. Looks awesome on.

I got the boys started on christmas cards :)

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