Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A new machine, a new dress, and lots and lots of Pims!

It was a very eventful weekend indeed. I'm just recovering now!

Friday night I went out with a friend who will be leaving us soon as her husband has a new job in Switzerland. Very exciting! I wore my new black maxi dress from Asda (http://direct.asda.com/george/womens/dresses/jersey-maxi-dress/G004395991,default,pd.html) and cycled into town without getting tangled once! Lots of giggles and Pims later, I cycled back again. Its a good job its cycle paths all the way :)

Saturday the boys had swimming lessons as normal, then we headed forAlconbury to the Norma Major Charity Cricket match. We did see John Major. We did not see the 'Weasley Twins' who either didn't turn up or just didn't play by the time we left. Joey was slightly disappointed by this - but not much. They just wanted to eat ice-cream and hotdogs and play in the park!


Saturday evening was spent at friends Sam and Adams house at their luvverly BBQ. Met new people. Drank much pims. The boys had a whale of a time and stayed up until an unheard of time. John stayed home and electrocuted himself on the hedge trimmer ( this has happened before - he really should stay away from outdoor electricals - he has already killed one hedge trimmer and the lawn mower. Luckily he has not killed himself)

Saturday night I stagged home with the boys, got them to bed, and dashed to the garage to unbox this little baby. My lovely friend Anna wants to sell it, but only to someone who will appreciate it - so I'm giving it a trial. So far its fantastic. I've never used a computerised sewing machine before, but my cheap Brother m/c is doing my head in.

So Sunday was a quick trip to the car boot sale (mainly for the bouncy castle) followed by a picnic and craft fair at the Gorgeous Island Hall   The boys always love to have a run around there. There were some older kids playing in the river and mine were very jealous - but its too deep for them to play in just yet!

Sunday evening - I ran these shorts up on the Pfaff in record time. I really wanted an overlocker - but the overlock foot on this machine does fine for my needs. There are a few different stitches available.

Noah wore his shorts yesterday, and of course came back from nursery with them entirely filthy. But thats what little boys do :)

I ended up in Cath Kidston again, and found this cute dress in the bargain basket. Only there due to broken belt loops, I snapped it up for twenty quid. When I got it home, I figured the waistband was too low (I'm quite short waisted) so made the decision to relocate it. I unpicked all the elastic and then sewed it on again 6cm higher up with the Pfaff. Easy peasy! Ironed it and you can hardly tell. I'm super happy.

Newly bought
 Elastic removed and replaced higher up

 Ironed and ready to wear!

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