Friday, 16 August 2013

Busy Busy

I've been so busy lately, I haven't bothered doing any updating. Bad me. So a little one now methinks. 
Its the summer holidays of course. That means slightly more time with children, and attempting to entertain those children. We've been on holiday to Weymouth (lovely) We've seen Dr Who monsters in Peterborough. We've banged drums at Wicksteed Park. We've gotten disgustingly sandy and wet at Stanwick lakes. We've been out on bikes, off to the park, beer gardens, paddling in Cambridge and Papworth and rampaging at Activity world. Lots to fit in.
I'm currently praying the rain will stop so we get to go to the 1940's even at Ramsey. Fingers Crossed.

Other important events - Joey (6) lost his first tooth yesterday. He proceeded to tell everyone that wasn't interested :)


I have been busy on my new machine, making bags. I'd like to say lots of bags, but #4 is below. I would love to knock them out at a faster rate than one per week, but with my schedule that simply doesn't happen. I'm loving it. I'm also going to be selling them at some point as I can't possibly just keep them all.
This is my favourite, even though its not yet finished, I know I'm going to make another one. Flamingos and red gingham with bamboo handles.
Part of the reason they take so long, is because I've been designing different patterns for each, until I come up with one I really like. I'm hoping its going to be this one!

 Cutting the pieces out and interfacing them: time consumer #1

Inserting a pocket: time consumer #2

Gathering the outer fabric and inserting piping. Time consumer #3

Bamboo Handles. Not particularly time consuming at all! Now I've just got to put it all together.

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