Monday, 13 June 2016

What else is happening?

And in other news:

Both of my babies now need glasses. Noah got his first pair on Wednesday, and Joey got a pair with a slightly lower prescription which is good news as it means his eyes are correcting.

I dismantled this:

and put up this:

Very happy with it. Noah has his own room of course so we didn't need a bunk, however I thought it would be more useful. Joey doesn't like using a ladder, so we can throw his extra junk up there and also use it for sleepovers.

We had some sun, and I broke out the paddling pool.

I bought some new running shoes because for some reason I entered the Race for Life in Cambridge next month...

...and some fabric


I met up with some of the gals in London and visited the pinup popup shop off Brick Lane and then we ate and drank and were merry

And Godmanchester had a 1940s event

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