Monday, 23 May 2016

Bagmaking: The Stall and Various Commissions

The Bag Stall
I have been outrageously busy lately, but the school were holding a pamper and shop event on May 13th which I agreed to do. See how I managed to get the table next to the climbing frame? Great for hanging bags LOL 

This was my first customer - Cath from Spowart wines (the stall two down from me) She had the backgammon bag in her possession before I even finished setting up!

I also sold my linen Ethel, and quite a few zipped cases, and took a couple of commisions too, which was nice. Mostly though I just nattered, got to meet some lovely ladies and see their beautiful wares, and I made some lolly. Which was nice!

Harry Potter Zipped Cases

I met a lovely lady called Helen at the Scarlett and Jo Event, who later contacted me to ask if I could make her some HP cases. Well finding HP fabric is pretty difficult in the UK, but I manged to get this from Etsy, so I made two. She decided to buy them both :)

Mini Purse

One of the commissions I took on bag stall night was for a small purse, which was part of the 'Beau Pair' set. She wanted tattoo fabric with a light green accent. I made two to give a choice, and she chose the top one. (that's my fave too)

1st Purse

2nd Purse

Other stuff I made for the Bag Stall:

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