Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bagmaking: Swoon Lola

So this is Lola. One of the latest patterns from Swoon

I really wanted to have a go at this ages ago, but I've got soooo many things on my list as well as commissions, it just didn't happen.

This fabric is from the Cotton and Steel Lucky Strike set from the Fabric Guild. It looks so adorable and fresh with the white faux leather (

As usual, the pattern was easy to follow. Swoon patterns have simple printables (no taping together 10 sheets or whatever) clear instructions and they walk you through from start to finish. If you have any issues, you just need to ask - Alicias always available via email or facebook to help, as are the hoards of other Swooners on the facebook pages.

As you can see I've also started putting my own zip pulls on now which are just little feathers.

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  1. I love this Lynn, this is my favourite to date of all the bags you've made !