Friday, 17 April 2015

The saga of the clogs ...Moheda Toffeln

I've been after some clogs for ages. I keep seeing pictures of people like Dolly Clackett  wearing her Swedish Hasbeens and getting all jealous. In fact I nearly bought some when they were on sale at office, but they were still 75 quid and its just too much. (Especially since I fairly recently spent 60 quid on my Miss L Fire shoes)

So I did some trawling of t'internet. Which is what I do best. Came up with lots of options. Then I found selling the Topzy in Red which was pretty much just what I was looking for, at the bargain price of £23. Then of course I noticed that you could get 3 for the price of 2. Oh dear. Unable to resist such a barg, I bought a red pair, a white pair and a black pair. Shipping is £10 to England, so the total cost for 3 pairs was £56.

They arrived within a week. I tried the red pair on first an fell in love. Perfect fit. I have since worn them for the day. Slight bit of rub on my 4th toes from the leather but thats ok for new shoes. Also walking on a wooden sole takes a bit of getting used to but nothing I can't handle. I love these.

The white pair I like but don't love. They also fit well but slightly tighter than the red pair. The leather is supple though so I think they will stretch. I may just sell them though. I'm not particularly a white shoe person.

The black pair don't fit. They've stapled the back straps on too far forward which means my foot is pushed towards the toe and they hurt. 

See the difference?

I contacted Moheda, and they responded really quickly. Because I used the offer, they can't refund, but I asked for a replacement pair of reds (not a fan of the black soles) and they are fine with that, and will pay my return postage for the faulty ones. Which is a good job as it was £8.26 to Sweden (gasp)

I will probably sell the red ones when they arrive. Much as I love, I don't need two pairs and I'd like to recoup some of my money.

Overall, love these. The price is amazing. 

Other shops/brands I considered: (who sell many brands as well as their own)

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