Friday, 17 April 2015

Crafty Post - Vivian handbag in Glitter Vinyl

I've had so much palaver with this bag for various reasons, but its finally completed and I'm pretty happy with it. I really hope the recipient is too. Vinyl is a b*gger to work with but I love the finished product.

Once I got my vinyl (managed to find a UK supplier - YAY) I cut everything out. I do quilt the vinyl as I think it gives a more professional finish. I have this marvellous contraption that came with my sewing machine that means I can do even lines without having to mark the vinyl (the first line is marked with masking or washi tape) I also use a teflon foot. These are about 17 quid but well worth the outlay if you're going to be using vinyl/leatherette etc.

I had a big old problem with dodgy rivets and had to wait till some new ones came. See the one on the left. That happened with every single one of the faulty batch. I can't charge what I charge with rivets like that. The one on the right is from the new batch.

So the big job after creating the gusset (used two zips for this one so they meet in the middle) with piping and pockets, and the lining also with pockets, is sewing the vinyl to the gusset. This requires gritted teeth, and many passes in order to get the piping positioned correctly.

At this point the outer bag is complete, but there is no lining in it, and no handles.

I sewed the lining in by hand. Its easier, and neater and makes me feel like 'handmade' is more appropriate somehow LOL

Then I riveted the straps on, and ta-da. (There is also a shoulder strap which is removable)

I make these on a commission basis. They are £95 and you have a choice of vinyl colour, gusset fabric (the fabric you see on the outside), lining fabric, and if you wish to you can choose the piping colour and zip colour too or just let me find something that works. I am fully booked until July though!

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