Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bagmaking: Della Wallet in Robert Kaufman Hello Tokyo

I'm pleased to say that even though I had a minor disaster yesterday (my sewing machine went kaputt - after I took the morning off work to finish off commissions!) I finished a wallet. Should have been two, but I borrowed a friends machine and it can't cope too well with thick fabrics so it unfortunately has to wait. 

She wanted something bright and cheerful, and of the options given, chose this fabric below.

I then took it upon myself to select the contrast fabrics (which are from the same range)

The Della Wallet is a pattern by Swoon - my favourite bag pattern company. I rarely use my own patterns, because I see so many independant designers doing their thing and I always want to give their bags a go!

This is the finished product :

I love the prints. There are a couple of errors on the wallet which irk me. There is a pen mark (used permanent ink pen by mistake when should have used disappearing ink pen) on the inside in the middle. You can see it on that last photo on the zipper edge in the middle. Its small, but annoying. 
Also the seam thread is are a bit prominent. You can't see on these pics as its on the edges. Thats the nature of sewing with massive thicknesses. 
Also, I haven't managed to get all the creases out, which were caused by turning it the right way out. This is massively annoying as it was perfectly flat before I did that, but construction means you have to sew inside out before turning.
Otherwise, I'm happy LOL!

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