Friday, 8 May 2015

Plus Size Fashion: - Lindy Bop

I'm not sure why I'm even bothering with this post. I have a love hate relationship with Lindy Bop. As in I love their designs, but not a single one of their dresses that I've tried on ever fits me properly. 

Take the Audrey for instance (the photo below is old - it was taken beginning of 2014)

This is a size 18. It looks okay in the pics, but its actually squashing my boobs to high heaven. Also, the armscyes are really too small. They start to dig in under the arms after no time at all and its really uncomfortable. 

I also tried this Polly a while back. I love this style bodice. I own a Lindy Bop dress with an identical bodice, but which has a flared skirt. That one is a 16 and the bodice is almost perfect but the waist is too small. 

So I ordered the 20 as suggested by the website sizing chart, but also because of my issues with the bodice of the Audrey being too tight.

Didn't fit. Bodice too large and flappy on the bust. Shoulders too far apart. Waist ok. Damn me and my belly!

Last week I thought I'd try this dress as it was on offer and its more 40's which is what I was after. I bought the 18 this time. Its called the Zarah.

First point is that this is really well made for a cheap dress. The fabric is thick and stretch and its lined. Unfortunately its just too thick and heavy. I'd be sweating like a pig in this. They also accidently sent me the wrong belt, which I'm wearing here, but it hurts. (They did replace it for one that matches the dress size, but I am returning the dress)

The bodice is just wierd. I can see what they were trying to do, but it just doesnt work. It sits badly and the brown bits flap about.

I tried pinning down the brown bits, which does cover the 'bow' detail, but which I think looks better.  I also took off the belt before it pinged from overstretch.
However its still not floating my boat. And whilst the armscyes are cut lower, the bodice in general is too big (although it fits my waist)

Its really hot. Did I say that? Its wooly. I can't wear it. I couldn't wear it in winter either. I don't like hot dresses.
Such a shame as it fits slightly better than any other Lindy Bop I've tried. I have come to the conclusion that its time to stop bothering.

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