Saturday, 30 May 2015

Pinup Shots from Dumbletons - cheesy but fab!

So a couple of weeks ago I went for my pinup photoshoot at Dumbletons in Cambridge. It was a Groupon jobby. Cost £15 for the makeover and shoot and 2 identical prints.

I've had two of these before. Dion Gallichan (also Groupon) and the Voodoo Vixen shoot.

I'd say Peter the photographer is very similar to Dion. Fun to work with and eager to get the best shots from his clients. The VV shoot was different as it was to model the clothes rather than focussing so much on the models themselves.

The makeover experience was different for all three. My first experience was pretty dire. I wasn't impressed in the slightest. When Jane Crowhurst did my makeup for the VV shoot, I was like 'Oh, that's what its supposed to be like' I was so happy with what she did. 

This time I had Izzy Wild who is based locally, and she was also fab. I felt like she knew exactly what she was doing and went with my suggestions and did everything professionally and confidently. She didn't mind me using my own accessories.

These are the four shots I picked (yes I bought some extra - sucker!!)

They are super cheesy but thats ok - its what we were going for. There were a few 'sultry' ones but I'm not comfortable with me looking like that, so I've gone for 'grinny' instead!

I picked the ones I thought were most apt - I'm always taking photos (bad ones!). I eat lots of cake, and I sew all the time :)

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