Saturday, 9 May 2015

Plus Size Fashion - M&Co and Tesco

I bought two items I really like this week. 

The first was this sweet dress from M & Co. I rarely buy from them because their market is probably aimed for the older generation ie. 40-70. Whilst I do come into that bracket, I don't often see anything I'd actually wear.

I actually went in to look for some joggers for my eldest, but I never made it to the kids section, because I saw this frock on the sale rail. Just the one. Happened to be an 18. Oh, ok then I'd better try that on as it was clearly put there just for me...

I love the cute summery pattern and the shape. Its simple but its perfect. Admittedly this is slightly too big on the chest, but I plan to just take in each side by about an inch. It has pockets - bonus!

 Its very light and feels super comfy. I'd wear this to work and I'd wear it to go to the shops. In fact I'd wear it anyway. (I have got my jeans on under there which isn't a great look but I didn't see the point of taking those off just to try the dress on)
Dear readers, I bought it.

It was £26 in the sale by the way. They have them online.

The second buy was actually my first buy. This culotte jumpsuit is for sale at Tesco for £22. I picked it up immediately, in spite of the fact that a) I'd never normally consider a jumpsuit b) I'd never normally wear pastel tones

Its just so pretty though. The fabric they've used is quite rayony/crepey so its soft and drapey. The style and fabric is quite retro. It fits quite nicely. 

(theres no camel toe issues)

It has pockets.

The only issue I have really is that I'm not keen on the length, which for me is just weird. I know its meant to be culotte length, but it just looks to me like its something that should be full length. I feel dumpier because it stops above my ankles.
 Also I'm not convinced I'd be brave enough to wear this locally. And I'm only going abroad for 9 days this year. 
Sadly, I'm returning this one. But I do think its lovely.

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