Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bagmaking: - my machine has come home - let the sewing commence!

On the last day of April, my machine went off to the sewing doctor, Bayden after the clunk of death.
He's a bit of an oddball but he knows his stuff. So whilst he is incredibly busy, he eventually fixed Queen Liz and shes back with me. 23 days later! It only cost me a tenner. He tried not to charge me at all, but that's just ridiculous. I therefore offered him £30 and what followed was the strangest argument I've had for a while with someone who isn't a relative or friend. In the end I said 'oh just take a tenner and drop it in a charity box or something# LOL.

Here she is then, back home. I have a BIG list of things to get through.

First off was this little bag for the daughter of a friend of mine, who will be 8 on Friday.
I loved this fabric (Michael Miller - Wee Wander summer ride) so there was the smallest amount of fussy cutting to get the ponies placed correctly (there's only one of them on the back) whilst not wasting fabric. I hate wasting expensive fabric!

I used the Swoon Ramona pattern for this, which is FREE! I needed it to be a really quick sew. 
The original design has stripes on the front, but I omitted these and added piping to give it a bit of contrast. The zip is recessed, and I used this Makower Just for Fun Balloons fabric as the lining.

Hoping the birthday girl likes it!


  1. Glad you got your machine back. Love the bag for the littly girl.

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  3. My mother-in-law's is lovely, but just not for beginners at all. It has lots of different settings, an option of one or two needles and the tension needs adjusting for each type of thread. When I first used it, I was just overwhelmed and had little idea what I was doing. It is a miracle I managed to thread the bobbins alright. how to sew with a sewing machine

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  5. So cute! I will have to make it for my daughter.
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