Saturday, 18 April 2015

Plus Size Fashion: George at Asda - you beauty! Tu at Sainsburys - making promises you can't keep!

The supermarkets are coming out with some corkers at the moment. If you can manage to get hold of them.  A few weeks back I was desperately trying to get hold of this skirt. Twitter is an excellent way to get a response, but they said the nearest one was in Letchworth which is a bit too far to go.

So I was super happy when they appeared online (I'm part of the trial area for tu clothing online - its not available to everyone) Duly ordered two because I never know if I'm going to be a 16 or an 18.


Email telling me they aren't in stock. How can they not be in stock? I ordered them the morning they appeared on the website?! Frustrated. But hey ho its just a skirt. 

They also have some cute looking retro styled dresses. I do find though with Tu that they are generally less cute in the flesh. The one below doesn't have enough fabric in the skirt and is too long waisted for me. 

I'm wondering whether or not to order this one.

Anyway, I turned to George at Asda - they have these dresses at the moment in various colourways. They are lovely soft fabric, and only 20 quid. Very retro styling. I tried a black one on in store and it was lovely but too tight in a 16.

So I ordered an 18 online. Sadly when it arrived, it was just too big. Unfortunately my substantial waist means that what fits on the waist is hugely saggy in the chest region. 

But never mind because I'm keeping this one!

When I saw it advertised I was gutted there was only one left in a size 8, however they restocked and I again ordered a 16 and an 18. This is also £20.

Its so pretty. Exactly the kind of dress I like to wear. 

I had the same issues with the sizing. This is the 16. The 18 was just too saggy in the chest region. The 16 is a tad tight on the waist but I can live with it. 

The red belt is pinched from a Voodoo Vixen dress. I think it really makes it pop.
They've even lined it and put some net under the skirt. I don't think that was actually necessary (and I actually prefer unlined summer dresses) but its nice that they bothered.

I think that this is a standout buy. They also do a pencil dress in this fabric (which I know without trying would not fit me, because I'd probably need a 20 in the bottom, and 18 in the waist and a 16 on the chest)

Update 26/05/15: having being unable to wear this dress purely due to the lining which is hot and uncomfortable, I unpicked it all. The net, and the polyester lining has gone. I can wear it. Its cool. I love it!

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