Monday, 27 April 2015

Two nights out in a row!

Friday night - St Ives for Nics work leaving do. 
Restaurant Molise was the venue.
Its a bit sh*t frankly. Won't ever return, however it was lovely to see my friends.


Anna gets her pud

Nic gets her pud too!

Gerbil faces with Nic.

I can't even be bothered to review the restaurant properly. The food wasn't very nice. Not awful. But mediocre. I had to leave half of my flabby, wet, microwaved lasagne - and I am not a food leaver. The staff were friendly, but the service was bad.  It was fab to see my friends though. Since they both moved to Norfolk it doesn't happen that often (we're all working mums, so finding time to meetup is always tricky) but its all about the quality. Of the meeting up. Not the food :)


And so on to Saturday night.
Into London to see another set of friends. I've known this lot since we worked together in London in the job I started in 1999. These are my Logica friends. Although it hasn't been Logica for a long time. Its current incarnation is CGI. There are some faces missing but I hope to see them next time we get together.

They'd been out during the day at the Fashion on a Ration exhibition. I am jealous I didn't get to go so I'll not mention it further ;)

Alice, Tanja and Sonya

 Tanja looking baffled

 Alice getting sozzled

 Sonya looking more demure than she actually is :)

Then on to Bacco
Bit more refined than we're used to, but they are doing a 50% of starters and mains at the mo. 

Didn't quite have time to take photo of the amuse bouches before Alice whipped hers off the plate!
TBH its not the sort of place I felt comfortable having my phone out to take pics. I certainly wouldn't have dreamed of asking the waiters/esses to take a group shot!

The food was stunning. Way better than I'm accustomed to. No more expensive than the place I went to the night before though (with the offer)

I won't pretend I know what half of the stuff on the menu was!

These were awesome. Tanja ordered them (courgettes) as a side. They had a kind of tempura batter. Delicious!

Unfortunately my phone packed in and I couldn't take a photo of my pud (a sort of rum baba thing on some syrupy stuff with crispy bits LOL)


Due to vast food consumption (and only drinking from 5pm and not noon like the rest of them!) I wasn't hungover next day, just very very tired (Noah doesn't care if I don't get to bed till 1.30am - he's still up at 6) So we headed to March so they could visit fossils galore - and there was a St Georges day festival on! 
We also headed down to our local park. 

Looking for treasure at Godmanchester riverside.

Hunting for sharks teeth @FossilsGalore

March Museum

'Dig' box created after the visit to Fossils Galore

Noah being eaten by the St Georges day dragon

John rescuing a football

My boys hunting for 'Roman artifacts'. We acquired 3 other small boys too!

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