Monday, 27 April 2015

On the face of things: selfies - its all about the angles - am I a Social Media deceiver?!!

So this is a really random post. I just thought I'd do it because whilst I have plenty of better things to do, sometimes I just think about pointless stuff and want to post it. Its my blog and I'll post if I want to.

I'm a sucker for a selfie. I love a bit of a pose. And I quite often look way better in pics than I do in real life. You know what - its not really my fault - I don't interfere with the images (unless adding a filter) - thats what comes out of my phone/camera.

I can manipulate the way my image comes across though using the angle as I'm sure most people do.

Does it matter. No Does it make me vain? Yes. Do I give a flying monkey? Not really no. Social media is what it is. Everyone puts a spin on things. I'm being as honest as I need to be. Of course I want to look nice in pics. So of course I try to look my best.

This is me. Taken from the WORST POSSIBLE ANGLE through the BEST SELFIE ANGLE and not omitting ALIEN ANGLE

Check out that chin!

Still doubled up. This is pretty much the most accurate pic of what I look like to other folk. Except usually I don't have all the makeup on.

Flattering. Pointy chin ahoy! Trace of the 2nd

Oh yes. Take it from above baby!

Yep. I'm all forehead. Alien incoming!

... and the sidey-selfie. Again taken from slightly above, designed to make me look like I have just the one, lovely pointy chin , vague cheekboneness going on there. We like this angle. I look glam. I look almost chiselled. I have basically shaved off 4 stones of flab using this angle.

So, full length selfies. Again, I'm not deliberately decieving. This is my mirror. I look the same whether I take the shot on my phone or my camera. But its still all about the angle. And the pose.

So just before I go out :

I'm posing, however I ain't lying. There's no filter, no manipulation, but I have aimed for the most 'flattering' pic.

And just after I meet my besties:

This is me. I look like a right porker. My arms are huge and because I'm sitting down my belly is squashed into roly poly heaven. My face looks like I chewed a wasp. But this is me. Thats ok as well. I know what I 'really' look like.

So whats the point of this. Well I'm not really sure. I just sometimes feel a bit like a deceiver when I post pics. I also feel slightly like I'm betraying the fact that I'm a fatty. Not hiding it all all - just showing a more 'acceptable' type of plus size. I'm actually ok with being a fatty. I don't wish to #droptheplussize tag because that is what I am.
 I'm still on a diet, but I don't have an eating disorder any more. I'm no longer afraid of my size - its the size I am and If I lose some weight that will be the size I am and both are ok. I will still wear what I want to wear. But my vanity still tells me to look the best I can. 
What do you think? Its pretty normal to try and look as physically pleasing as you can when you are in front of a camera isn't it?

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