Saturday, 11 April 2015

Plus Size Fashion: Voodoo Vixen Ally Cat, Asda George Tropical top and Sainsburys skinny jeans

 First off - the Ally Cat dress. This was a bit of a gamble for me, because I did the initial fitting of this in a plus size, and it just didn't. At all. The neck was too high. The waist too low.

However it was sent off for adjustments and a good thing as well because this one fits me just right.

(Earrings by DeerArrow, brooch by Lucky Ladybird Craft)

Side view - yes I have a big old belly. Its had two kids in it so y'know. Whatever... The armholes are generous enough for my chunky upper arms. The length is good for me.

This is the standard Voodoo Vixen quality -thick stretch cotton. The neck is a good fit this time. The body is a bit too long as they all are for me, but he belt sits in the right place.

The only issue for me is the lack of pockets. They are faux pockets on the front. Mega disappointed in this. One of the features I like about many of the VV dresses are the presence of pockets. I might have to put some in myself. 

Overall though, I bought this because like the Tilly, its more of an 'everyday' dress for me. I would wear this to the park with the boys. 

Also , Easy Eds just opened in Cambridge. This is the perfect dress for a visit!


Asda. They are producing some bl**dy brilliant stuff at the moment. Their bardot dresses are beautifully cut and only 20 quid - sadly I can't get hold of one in my size in the black which is what I want, all they do have some left in the colourway below. 

Their seaside dress - its gorgeous. Its also sold out. All the time. I am determined to find one of these!

So whist I didn't get the dress I wanted when I visited yesterday, I did get this cut gypsy style tropical  jersey top. Elasticated at the neck and at the bottom, with fluted sleeves, its really pretty. I got the 16. I learned my lesson about their sizing the other day with the zebra dress. 

I also finally found a pair of skinny jeans I like. These are also of the supermarket variety. Tu at Sainsburys (who cancelled my skirt order as 'out of stock' even though I ordered it the day it turned up on the site - thats the one, below)

Anyway, lets gloss over it. 


The jeans are supersoft. Fit my belly without gaping at the back, and are the right length for wearing pumps. I'd have preferred an extra inch or two in length (I ordered 18 regular and I'm 5ft6) but they're fine. 

they are comfy and that's what matters. 

So this is what I'm wearing today :)

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