Friday, 24 April 2015

Little Crossbody Bags - got some bagmaking in!

These are my latest two makes. Thats the fabric I got from Voodoo Vixen popping up again!

These were a request from an old school friend. She wanted some simple bags for her girls just to carry their bits around. These have a zip on top, a zip pocket and removable adjustable straps.

At 7x9" they are big enough for a small tablet, but certainly a phone and other bits and bobs. 
These are lightly padded with fusible fleece, and I added piping. Just because.

I did use a pattern for these. Then immediately regretted bothering.
I use patterns because it takes a long time to acurately draught one, even a simple one. 

I bought this from and I couldn't make head or tail of the instructions. So I decided the best route to take was to bin the instructions and carry on with how I think the bag is meant to be constructed. It was pretty simple in the end - you just need to make sure everything is the right way up! 

If I did them again I would do curved corners, but I think these look ok.

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