Friday, 24 April 2015

On Makeup - Besame Compact and other ramblings...

***Update - before you read this, you should know that this caused a bit of a to-do on twitter. Besame aren't happy ( I got a lovely long telephone call from their EU rep) because the products are not the same as the top photo and are in fact old stock. (I didn't notice - takes someone who knows them well)
They have contacted LadyJoJosBoutique and requested that they remove the stock. LadyJoJos also contacted me and explained that they bought the stock from the previous EU distributor and have offered me a refund)
end update***

You will find I don't blog about makeup.

This is because a) I know little about it - I've been pretty much sporting the same look since I ditched the electric blue eyeliner for liquid black about 27 years ago and b) I'm pretty skanky and I don't buy much of it and what I do have I hoard for years.

I have discovered that I like Barry M Pillar Box red lippy (121) although there seem to be two shades of that about (I have both and one is more scarletty and one more orangey)

I have not found a black eyeliner that I am happy with. For short wear I love MUA (makeup academy) liquid eyeliner - it has the best applicator ever. Unfortunately it does start to crumble and flake after about 5 hours though. I also liked blinc because of its staying power, but I have found that my eyes are pretty sensitive to it so its no good for daily wear.

I still have the clinique face powder I bought over a decade ago and most of its still in there.

Nothing I own was bought for the prettiness factor.

Then the other day I happened upon the ladyjojosboutique  50% off flash sale, and fell for this little beauty.

So adorable, and a for a tenner I couldn't resist (free UK postage too) 

It arrived today. Beautifully packaged. Do I need to carry around a compact in a plush drawstring purse? Not really, but I shall anyway.

I didn't realise it was so small. I thought it would be normal compact size, however I really don't mind. Its so cute. 

The proof is in the wearing really. I bought 'medium' as I'm fairly olive toned in the skin department, and as soon as the sun hits my face it tans. There is no indication on the Besame site as to the actual colour/tone of the powder which is irritating, especially if you are going to pay full price. 

But all is ok. It suits my skin. These are awful, awful pictures (taken not long after waking on a work day so no time to worry about any other makeup) Sorry. But y'know, its me.

You can see in the first pic how blotchy and shiny I am.

Then add a bit of the Besame - and voila! shine and blotch free. I haven't put anything else on - just the powder. On a weekend /night out I'd use light foundation as well but this seems to work pretty well as a touch up. 

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