Thursday, 2 April 2015

Plus Size Fashion - superquick refashion with a bit of elastic - Asda George Zebra T-shirt dress.

 I was collecting some stuff for the wedding-of-the-year on Tuesday, and I saw this zebra t-shirt dress. The pattern is so cute, and it was only 8 quid, so I bought it. It seemed big for an 18, but you know, I bought it anyway.

This morning I tried it on (apologies for the state of me - this is shortly after waking)

Hmm. Nightie? Not flattering. Granny dress. Yuk.

So I added a bit of elastic. Just marked where I wanted it to go with pins. Measured it a bit better downstiars on the dining room table, and drew on the sewing lines on the wrong side with a pen. Got a bit of 6mm elastic that fit my waist. Machined it while taut along the pen line. Took no more than 10 minutes. 

Eh voila!

The tiniest refashion, but it makes a big difference no? Just gives me a waist.

Obviously you can do the same thing with a belt, however its the Easter holidays - I don't want to wear a belt. I am running around with two young boys and I want to be super-comfortable.

The white cutout pumps b.t.w. are from Avendita (via a wowcher credit) They cost me £3. They are probably worth about that. They are certainly not worth spending £19.99 on. They aren't really wide enough for my feet. 

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  1. What a difference the elastic waist made. Has a slimming effect.