Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Accessories Galore: When I go a little bit nuts for handmade. Plus - new specs!

This month, I got my bonus. I should not have been spending it on frivolities, as we're supposed to be saving for our hols. However. I did buy a <ahem, cough> couple of things.

First off: DeerArrow

This is an Australian brand, and they sell all manner of delightful brooches, earrings and other accessories - all with a retro styling.

I was already looking at their sewing machine brooch when they announced a discount code on fb. How on earth could I say no. I also bought some flamingo earrings, and some sundae earrings to match my sundae best dress

Whilst they don't post straight away ( I think they waited 3 days after my order - which enabled me to add an item LOL) my parcel arrived extremely quickly. Within 5 business days - which is not bad from Oz. 

I was a tiny bit disappointed. Firstly, because the backs on my flamingo earrings were wonky. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but its obvious when I wear them that one hangs below my lobe and the other doesn't. I messaged them and they responded immediately to apologise and send replacements, so top marks for that. 

I love my brooch, but I kind of wish it had more colours in it. I knew what I was buying though, so I can't complain about that really.

I was also disappointed at the size of the sundae earrings, which as you can see from the picture below, are so small you can barely see them. I wish they were bigger, but they are still super cute.

Overall, not my most successful buy, but I would still definitely recommend them. Their customer service is fab, and delivery from Oz to UK is cheap. Just be aware of the sizes of the items you are buying.


Second lot of accessory purchases were from Lucky Ladybird crafts.

Adorable packaging and currently bargains to be had! I'm wearing my swiss roll brooch above. I also bought a batternburg brooch...

...and a sushi purse. Such a lot of work has gone into this. I love it!! Thing I will stash my earrings in it.


I also spotted this little apple bag in the charity shop for £3. Brand new! Noah has claimed it as his own, but I'm getting it back when he's not looking!

I have been hankering after this Ollie and Nic bag for ages (below), but I can't justify that spend on yet another bag, so whilst the quality isn't as good, it has satisfied my need for an apple wicker bag ;)


Finally, since we're on accessories, I bought some new specs. Its always a bit of a gamble with http://www.selectspecs.com/ as you can't try them on first, however I've had three pairs now (See other pair above -  I had to buy them twice as I lost the first lot) and I am mega happy with my purchases.  They are supercomfy, and I can wear them out and about without feeling queasy (I do have a pair from Tesco which I can only wear whilst driving because they make me nauseous if I wear them whilst walking!)

They are prescription (I'm short sighted) and cost me £14.95 including postage. You can't really argue with that can you?!

(link to these glasses and also to the ones above)

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