Sunday, 1 March 2015

Plus Size Fashion - Scarlett & Jo (Evans) and Peacocks (just the one)

I apologise in advance for messy bedroom shots. Some are worse than others. I am particularly proud of myself however, for finally attaching my mirror to the wall, instead of it leaning untidily against it. So I give myself top marks for that!

I took this purely because I wore it today. Its my most favourite throw-on dress, and it was £7 in the sale at Peacocks.
 Its a really really lightweight little frock with pockets (yey!). Sooo comfy. Gorgeous colour.  This is a size 18 and its just nice and roomy but not too billowy. Peacocks do some really nice pretty clothing, although I don't think the size range goes beyond a 22 (you can correct me on that - that's just what I've seen on the rails) Sometimes I have issues with waist positioning. I'm short waisted so it hangs too low, but you can't argue with their prices, especially the sale rail.

And so we move on to Scarlett and Jo. I bought five dresses to try on (I'm not keeping them all!) I bought all in a size 18 as that was their size guide suggestion for my measurements.

This was the first. Fail. It looks really cute in the pic, but it looks frumpy and rubbish on me. Its also too big in the bodice. I think someone could rock this style. Its clearly not me and I'm a bit disappointed because I thought I could pull this off. I cannot. This is a bit weighty for the summer months too as its last season, but at the moment its still chilly and it would be perfect if I didn't look like my maiden aunt.

Love this one. Its jersey, and they do jersey really well. Good quality fabric. Lovely 40's style with a gathered yolk. Comfy fit. Cute keyhole cutaway. Floaty sleeves. What more could a girl want - its textbook flattering. I love the design, but somehow the colour isn't as zippy as I'd like. Probably because of the next dress...

...I already own a dress with fans on (Blossom & Billie from Dotty P's - that's generally a nice range but again I think max size is 22) which is black and body hugging. This one is more forgiving. .Isn't it lovely? I just think this style is so classy. A very 40's bodice with high gathered yolk, and a crossover bodice with a neck tie. 
The shape doesn't suit me that well (I don't think you can tell in this pic cos I'm pushing my waist in) possibly because its a wee bit big all over and its quite saggy in the boob region - I think Scarlett and Jo are quite generous with their sizing and I probably need this in a 16. 
Love it though - can you tell by the smile?! This is my colour. I have lippy in this colour.

Bah. This one would have been a great work dress, but its just cut. too. low.
I don't have great knockers - Im' a C cup at best, and I don't have a cleavage even with serious hardware assistance - but if I did it would be too much in this dress. 
Sad because its a great streamlined shape and feels lovely, but I'd be too self conscious wearing this. 

OMG I love this design. 
Its just perfect. That 50's sweetheart neckline with the mesh insert. Again its slightly too big all over but I've pulled it in with the belt so you can't really tell. The raspberry/purply colour is gorgeous. The fabric is jersey but silky. The sleeves are billowy floaty. Its a great length for me (I'm 5ft 6 on a good day)

I have no idea when I'd wear this - I think its more of a party dress than a day dress,but the shape is divine. 


  1. Hi Lynn, Thanks for the selfie. It is evident that you're a size 16 in S & J, So sorry, if the guidance misled you. Incidentally we did roll out Billie & Blossom for DP as well! The spot mesh insert on the raspberry dress is my favourite that one is 40s/ then 70's and here it is done in a new way 40 years later.

    1. Many thanks for your comment Gifi. Yes I think I will return these and exchange the fan and the mesh insert dress for 16's and see if they work better with my figure. I love the mesh insert - as I said, I'm not well endowed in the chest department and this draws attention to that region in a modest way, whilst being a bit sexy all at the same time!

    2. Are you a size 16 or 18 in Billie & Blossom? The difference is that the original sample we fit with Billie is a size 12. With Scarlett a size 24. To tell you the truth I haven't compared the 16 or 18 size specifications. As you go up in size range the possible variation between waist, hips, backsides and busts become greater. Not to mention height. We tend to go a little higher waisted with Scarlett as well. Fairly good though at creating an illusion of hour glass for the pear shape. But this means on the 40's and fit & flair shapes a size down unless you are a busty girl. So S & J is true size for the busty girl or a size down for the less busty or narrow backs.for best fit. We are having a lot of fun and pleasure with Scarlett & Jo. The more occasion and prom shapes are also terrific.

  2. Sorry I just noticed this comment.
    I am an 18 in Billie & Blossom (the dress I have is a 16, but its too tight these days)

    That's interesting what you say about the sample sizes you work with - I find that there can sometimes be issues with thinks like arms being too tight/armscyes too high, on dresses in the more common high street stores (Dorothy Perkins, New Look etc), and waists being too low - presumably because they have been graded up from smaller sizes and these things haven't been taken into consideration.
    When I have done fittings with Voodoo Vixen, the designer is very conscious of making these changes and realises that you can't simply just grade up a pattern from a small size and keep your fingers crossed that the shape will comfortably fit a size 24.