Monday, 30 March 2015

A little rucksack / swim bag for Mia D.

Just a quick one, whilst I remember!

My friend Lisa saw some fabric I posted on my SheWearsRedFeathers facebook page a while back. Fell in love. Asked me if I could make her eldest daughter, Ninja extraordinaire, a swim bag.

I sent her a few fabric options, and Mia chose the blue. Which is awesome, right?

I had a little time whilst awaiting hardware for another commission, so I sewed this up in the meantime. 

Modelled by Joey who is in Mia's year at school. He wasn't terribly happy about it but at least he stayed still. Noah just scarpered.

This is essentially just a drawstring rucksack, but I've boxed the bottom so it doesn't just sit flat.

Its also lined with PUL, making it it almost waterproof (I can't vouch for the seams but it should do its job)

Overall, a happy little project ( I didn't use a pattern as I made my own, which I may even post one day if I have the time to write it all out!)

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