Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Plus Size Fashion: Voodoo Vixen Connie. Plus - adventures on a boat...

My friends Lisa and Julie had a joint birthday bash organised on Saturday. I already knew which dress I would be wearing, and that was the Connie.

It looks orange in the picture below - in fact it is pillar box red.

The detailing at the neck is brilliant. Sadly its also a bit big on me. I think you need a bigger chest to wear it. It looks ok (and everyone said it looked fine) but I was very aware of it gaping. I can fix this problem by just shifting the front straps into the bodice a little, so I will probably do that.

Yes, this is a tremendously blurry picture. I hadn't had anything to drink at this point either!

Its such a comfy dress - I can get it over my head which is a plus as I hate back zips. This is why stretchy fabric is such a plus. Its really a showstopper too. Compliments all round.

We got the boat from Godmanchester to the Brampton Mill. Captain Tim is a bit of a local 'character' and its only a 10 minute boat ride. Unfortunately it was spent in pitch blackness on the way there as there are no lights on the boat. Which was. Interesting!

I had this at the Brampton Mill. It was particularly nice. And vast. I almost ate it all! The service was fine in general, but the drinks service was atrocious. 

On the way back, we collected a very inebriated Captain Tim from the downstairs bar. He knows the stretch of river with his eyes shut. Luckily he also knows it sh*tfaced, so we thought we'd brave it. We spent about 10 minutes trying to locate his keys, with a young barman he kept calling Rupert. It transpires the slightly weary barman is in fact called Kieron.

The Birthday Girls (I do get mistaken for Lisa sometimes!)

Captain Tim hunts for his boat keys.

After a slightly slower journey home, in which Captain Tim gave us plenty of information we didn't need, and more that we can never unhear, we ended the night on plenty of giggles!

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