Monday, 9 March 2015

Plus size fashion : Voodoo Vixen Connie, Retro Kitty, Penny, Edna

So first off, just to clarify, some might say I'm biased as I have done some modelling for Voodoo Vixen.
I'm not.
If I didn't like their clothes, I wouldn't wear or promote them on my personal pages or facebook. And since there's a high chance I won't be doing any more shoots for them (I won a competition - I'm not a model - I'm a software tester that makes bags and likes posing in nice frocks) there is no reason for me to want to review their clothes other than I think they are fabulous.

I wear their 1XL - previously 2XL - this is a size 18-20.
On Simply Be they are stating its a 16-18 but I think that this is incorrect - if you are 16 this will be too generous for you. My measurements are 42-38-48 if that helps.

Disclaimer: Our bedroom is generally a mess - as is the landing. Please try to not notice this. I don't get many opportunities to take photos so I do it regardless of the state of my house.

First off. The Connie. 
Since I posted pics of this on facebook at the weekend I had umpteen friends asking where to get it from. (Simply Be are the only place that stock it if you're plus size - if you aren't, you can get it in many online shops that sell retro fashion)

I cannot tell you how much I love this.
a) its my colour
b) the shape is lovely and sits on my waist correctly. Its a really flattering shape with a semi-full skirt.
c) the fabric is thick and slightly stretchy as per VV's usual standard - this means it supports and has 'give' all at the same time.
d) the neckline is. to. die. for
e) its a good length to hide my knees (I'm 5ft 6")
f) I don't actually need to upzip it (zip at back) - it goes over my head no problemo.
g) The glasses pattern is quirky but not too in yer face so I don't mind wearing this during the day. Its also easily worn as an evening outfit.
h) It has a matching cardi, the Edna - which is quite generously sized and I think I might get away with an XL in this. It also think the cardi might be overkill teamed with the dress. If the Lidl jeggings I bought the other day actually fitted me I might wear it with those instead. Or some black cigarette trousers. I have chosen not to post about those jeggings though, as the pics would be too embarrassing...

Secondly: the Retro Kitty

This dress surprised me. I would never have bought a candy pink dress. Pink is just not me. But I wore it for the London Edge aftershow party and was utterly surprised that I loved it!
I know I should have ironed it, but I don't iron until I wear in public. I also had a visitor whilst I was trying to take these shots - that's Joey - he's my 8 year old.

a) the colour actually suits me. Wowsers!
b) The shape is great. Its slightly too low on the waist for me unfortunately but I just wore a different belt and pulled it over slightly. Those cutaways are awesome. As usual plus size VV dresses are very modest so nothing feels like its 'hanging out' or overexposed'. The length is great.
c) the fabric - goes without saying - that thick stretchy cotton is nothing but flattering
d) the cats. <squeal> Its so cutesy, but I could wear it day or night.
e) the arms are cut low enough not to dig in. So important on a plus size dress.
f) it has pockets. Just leetle ones. but big enough for a phone.

Finally: The Penny in emerald green.

This dress has a bit of a goth vibe when worn. Its slightly shorter than the other two I've reviewed, but it still hides my knees. Its also available in fuschia. I like the green best.

a) the colour is gorgeous and the lacey overlay makes it fantastic for an evening out. Its sexy, as opposed to cutesy.
b) again, the fabric used has some give which gives security and comfort at the same time
c) the arms are cut low enough.
d) you don't have to have massive boobs to look sexy in this (I don't)

P.S. in case you were wondering, the shoes are Miss L Fire Palacio wedge.

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