Monday, 16 March 2015

Plus Size Fashion: Simply Be Ballerina Pumps

Strictly speaking, I'm not sure if you can class footwear as 'Plus Size Fashion' but I think its appropriate if the footwear is not of the 'standard' size i.e. wider fit or wider calf and so on.

I bought these from Simply Be - I just wanted a very simple pair of matt black ballerinas (they do them in patent too - shown)

I'm not going to be doing any major walking sessions in them - to the school gates and back is probably the most I'll manage, and possibly the drunken stagger back from the local (not that it happens much these days) but they still need to be fit for purpose.

At 8 quid (and you can usually get at least 10% off this and free delivery if you can find a code ) they are a bargain - if you consider that high street shops (DP, New Look etc) are selling the same stuff for £9.99 and above.

I chose E fitting as I don't consider myself to have particularly wide feet, but quite often court shoes/pumps can feel too tight. I picked a size 7 - I've always been a 7 and if shoes don't fit me in a 7 then they are not a 7...

These fit -okay-ish. I tried on a few pairs in DP the other day, and the standard sizes crushed my toes (apart from the cutout ones, which at £18.99 were not in my 'cheap ballerinas' budget) and the wide ones were wide at the back as well as the front. I don't need wide at the back.

They are soft. I don't know what the material is - but its nice although they still seem to feel like they are cutting in a bit on the inner part where the bone above my big toes are. Not so much with my tights on, but they are quite uncomfortable with no tights. I'm not sure this is going to get any better but only time will tell.

The sole is ok. Its not substantial and I didn't expect it to be. I need to be able to wear them outdoors though. Time will tell how they cope with that.

They are going to be sweaty. I can tell that already - this is the issue with non-leather shoes. That's ok I can live with that.

They are not sexy or funky or any of that. They are functional.

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