Thursday, 5 March 2015

In which I make a Della Wallet - with Vinyl :)

Due to ongoing dramas with British Gas, I had to take the day off work yesterday (my 5th day off for BG visits since 29th December - and I need to take another next week!)

I took the opportunity to make this - its a sort of cross between a purse and a clutch (it has a wrist strap) and its made with a vinyl exterior.

Vinyl is hard to work with. This particular stuff is very thin though so I figured I'd give it a shot. 

Unfortunately what I didn't know is that it can crease, which is exactly what happened in the finishing stages when I was turning it all right side out. I am still working out how to remedy that without melting it!

The inside is very busy! There are credit card slots (8) note/voucher slots and also two zipped pockets which would easily fit a phone.

It fastens with magnetic snaps to a band on the outside.

Fingers crossed I can get those creases out!

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